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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 13th Aug 2016

Pendle Three Peaks - English AM Championship.

Ladies Results. It looks to me like second Seniors Team, after Calder Valley, and first V40 team. Champions?
Men's results. Seniors just behind Keswick : V40 - too hard for me to add up : V50 - no need to add up?

A windy, wet trip around Pendle, the first part seemed to cover much of Pendle Cloughs, and the later bits were much the same as The Tour, with those same three strong climbs. Spyke finally admitted to being 1st MV50, John Hunt looks to be suitably recovered, Judith decided to match whatever the other half can do, Nicky walked out for something, Anna is first U23 ..... and then our driver was away for Burnsall....Results will be soon.
As for teams, the Ladies will be strongly in the mix, the men are close to Keswick, but not close enough. MV50 may well be Champions.
As it should be, Langdale is crunch. Then the final British race at Merrick, and the two Relays.

Merrick - the final, crunch British Championship race., 17th September. I've actually got around to looking at the route map, what a cracker!

Many, many congratulations to our two Bingley runners!

Sierre Zinal:- results. They take some interpreting, far beyond my understanding, so please let us know if you've been ignored. Pete Davies finished in 3.24.26, he might be 78th, and apologies for ignoring Tom Saville, 70th in 3.15.11.

Peak District Challenge Events :
Burnsall - results
Great Urban Fell Race :
Weasdale : - results.
Lakeland Country Fair :- results.
Trunce 8 - results.
Shipman Knotts - results.
Ragleth Inn - results.
Pilsley- results. No clubs seem to be listed, so if you're not on DPFR results, please let us know...

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