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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 19th Mar 2017

Results. from Long Mynd Valleys. The first Championship race. Dy, clear and sunny, A big thanks to Mercia for an excellent event. A few tweaks on the original route, but nothing alters those hard last three climbs. It looks like the two Senior teams need to step it up a good notch at Weets, (Barnoldswick), the next English event. Ireland in a fortnight.....
But on the bonus front. Ladies Vets were first?, and MV50 would surely be first?
Individually, Matt Elkington was 1st U23, followed closely by Tom Saville, these two being the first counters home, Max Wainwright is 4th U23.
V50 - Dave Taylor is 2nd, John Hunt - 3rd, behind Mark Roberts, now an aged V55...
Judith was 1st V50, Nicky walked out for something...
And of the ancients, DT was 2nd, Mick Cochrane being 4th.
Apologies for whatever I've ignored.

Causey Pike:- results.
Edale Skyline:- results on DPFR results. A terrific run from Jack Wood, 2nd, after going strong at Long Mynd Valleys! Not to be missing off Keith, and as one would expect, Darren Fishwick.

Cock Howe Classic - English Junior Championships - results
Trunce 1:- results.

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