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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 9th May 2017

Jura - a while off, hopefully Jenny is sorted...

Cressbrook Crawl:- results.

Fairfield - Carshare was well in the prizes, and was contemplating blowing the lot on the way back at Pete Bland's, but honesty prevailed. Kirsty Hewitson was 1st Lady. Sorry, Kirsty, I can't just find your e-mail address, but I have your Vets prize, but wasn't alert enough to collect your winners prize. Jenny 6th, and also a Vets prize, and also I have an envelope for 3rd Mens team, (team of 3) whoever that might be applicable to.
A bit slippy on rocks going across to from Fairfield, which Carshare amply tested.....Lesson learnt - just carrying some basic stuff like a couple of plasters can be of enormous help, something I'll be putting in the bag. Results.

InterCounties - Broughton, in Scotland..
Gt Whernside - uphill only:- and Junior Uphill Championships .Results.

South Mynd Tour - a new AL race, the neglected parts of southern Long Mynd in Shropshire. Results. So what's it like? Greg helps out.. "Having missed out on getting a Fairfield entry I went down for this new race. With impressive stats I thought it would be good training forJura... Route choice from the start to the second checkpoint, then also from the top of Pole Bank back to Little Stretton meant you didn't know where you were in the race order, but happy with 1st 50. The best lines will be known within a couple of runnings. In between, lots of runnable climbs and some sharp steep downs. Great little race, would do it again, great to meet another brown vest there - Tyrell"

Summer Series 3 - Stanage.
Dark Peak Stones-
Fox and Hounds - N Y Moors-results.
Kildwick - a pleasant enough little nearby evening race, and only £3.00........results.
Shining Tor- results.
Tansley - results.
Hayfield May Queen - results.

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One comment

Willy Kitchen says:
May 14, 2017 at 03:15 pm

Think Jenny C's sorted for Jura now, Carshare.

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