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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 22nd May 2017

New Dungeon Ghyll Race - Andy Holden's latest production, here, is his filming of this year's race.

Dragon's Back - congratulations to anyone who can be finishing, especially to Marcus, the first man home, Greg Crowley, and to Carol Morgan ( Otley's finest...) , the first woman. Apologies to anyone missed off....

Weets - English Championship AS - results. With several other attractive races this year, it seemed rather a depleted field? Maybe there were other reasons? The Women had to run in oppressive heat, whereas the men, especially us slower runners, had the delights of rolling thunder, lightning and torrential rain.
Jura:- results.
Hutton Roof:- results.
Helvellyn and the Dodds:- results
James Thorn:- results.

Bamford Sheep Dog Trials:- results
Shutlingsloe:- results.
Ilkley Trail:- results
Hallam Chase - results.
Otley Chevin - the best AS race going...and still as hard as ever.. results.

Ingleton Scenery - for those who know these parts, this race followed the Ingleton Waterfalls path. Slippy limestone, tree roots, concrete paths and steps, and plenty of waterfalls should you wobble off the edge. The daytime admission charge is £6.00, here we paid £3.00, for which everyone got a bottle of beer and a Mars bar. Typical of Brett's excellent events. results.

Killington Sports - results.

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