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From the Photos page

posted by JimP on 18th May 2020

Now that lock down restrictions have eased somewhat, it is permissible for us to stage races so long as they are time trials, thereby allowing social distancing to be maintained.

Lewis Ashton writes…

“I’m looking at a return to racing for the club. I’m going to propose a self-timed Kinder Triple Crossing this weekend. I anticipate personal distancing to be with us for a good while yet. So I propose a time trial league for this summer’s club races. 10 races to count. I’m hoping to be able to run the women’s league points as % of the women’s winning time. This will require race results to be separated - a men’s race and a women’s race. However, it will add a note of competitiveness to the women’s field that might have been seen to be lacking using comparison to the winning man. Keep an eye on the web site for upcoming race details.”

The first race in this series is indeed the Triple Crossing which can be run anytime between 18:00 this Thursday, 21st May and 23:59 Sunday, 24th May. Details of this race and the DP 2020 Time Trial leagues for both men and women can be found in the Calendar.

There is also to be a weekly time trial race from The Sportsman to be called “Tha Sprunce” that can be run anytime between Monday morning and Thursday evening, so as to coincide with Pie Night at The Sportsman. To get Tha Sprunce up and running, the first time trial will be open for two weeks, from today Monday 18th to Thursday 28th May. The second one will be from Monday 1st to Thursday 4th June and weekly thereafter for the foreseeable future. I intend to run Tha Sprunce at about 17:45 each Thursday and partake of one of The Sportsman’s pies out on the grass by the car park afterwards. Socially distanced of course! Further details including the all-important route are in both the calendar and the news section. Weekly results and a league table will appear on the DPFR Facebook Group page and in this blog.

Another event is the Blackamoor Chase Strava Flyby Race. Details on Facebook here...

Finally, sad to report, the 2020 British Fell Running Championship has had to be cancelled.

Jim Paxman

18th May, 2020

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One comment

Lewis says:
May 22, 2020 at 09:17 am

I'm starting to get a trickle of times for the Triple crossing now (Friday afternoon). Looking forward to having a good breadth of field ultimately. The timeframe has been extended to include the Bank Holiday. So completion by midnight Monday please. Results to me by Tuesday mid-day. I'll take submissions by email/FB and phone. Inevitably, to maintain the secrecy of your time if you send it by phone, the Signal application will best keep it secure from prying eyes in the international espionage field;-)


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