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To weekend of 23rd/24th May
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Yukon Arctic Ultra
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Weekend 8th/9th February 2020
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Weekend 18th/19th January 2020
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Round Rotherham Run


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From the Photos page

posted by JimP on 2nd Aug 2020

Congratulations to Josh Williams, Neil Northrop and Sam Dixon on their swift (20:50) Bob Graham Round on Saturday.2020-08-02--Josh-Neil-BGRx.jpg-web.png

... and to Simon Mills and Sally Fawcett who took just 12:24 for the 15 Trigs.

Upcoming events:

Monday 3rd August to Sunday 9th August – Derwent TT: Race 1. This will be very familiar to anyone who ran leg 1 of last October’s relays. The winning times that day were 39:14 (Open Men) and 45:03 (Open women).

Until Thursday, 6th August – Tha Sprunce (Race 11 Route 3). The third of the four times that we’ll run this route that circumnavigates the Headstone.

23rd August – Crowden Horseshoe. This race has a Permit and associated UK Athletics insurance from the FRA and runners will be setting off in groups of six. Pre enty only. Further details in the Calendar.

Past events:

Olympics TT – This peach of a fell race attracted a field of sixteen men and disappointingly, only one woman. A fine win never the less for Rosie Walwyn in a time worthy of Olympic Gold. In the men’s race, Nathan Lawson and Ralph Skrimshire were declared joint winners with Tom Brunt in the Bronze medal position. The new Olympic record is now just a handful of seconds over the hour mark. Pete Gorvett lowered the M70 record and Graham Berry established the new M75 record. This route is far too good to be used only every four years, so I encourage the R.O. to run it again next year when the postponed IOC Olympics are held. Hopefully!

2020-08-02--Andy-Harmer.jpgThe Race Officer's sprint finish at The Olypmpic TT

Eyam & Abney TT - closes this evening.


2nd August, 2020

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