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From the Photos page

posted by JimP on 10th Aug 2020

My apologies for this late race report, I’ve been away collecting Munros in the Western Highlands. However, I can’t imagine that many folk lost much sleep awaiting this missive!

Anyway, Race 11 of Tha Sprunce featured a speedy sub 30 minute run by Pete Davies, a runaway handicap win by the ever improving John Webber, who has already run Race 12 quicker still and a couple of tales of woe…

Ken Jones reports Evening Bill (Don’t Ask!), This week I employed a different tactic to beat 47 mins, by resurrecting my beloved and famous Adidas Traxion fell shoes from over 20+ years ago. However, rubber technology and glue appear to have moved on since then. The traction descending down to Fox Holes was somewhat dubious and then the soles began to fall off! Surprisingly I didn’t beat 47 mins. Can’t understand it, they were the bees knees in the 1990’s … as, I dare say, was their owner!

It is also reported that Bob Bryan “took a wrong turn, ended up in a deep gully, had to fight his way through water, mud, bramble and bracken and finished with bloody shins.”

I also liked Paul Sanderson’s “excuse to go and eat pie and benefit from Boris's discount, (he) had a plod from the Sportsman to the Headstone…” which was why Tha Sprunce was set up in the first place.

Race 12, over the same course, is open until Thursday evening after which we move on to Route 4, details of which are in the Calendar.



10th August, 2020

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