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From the Photos page

posted by JimP on 13th Sep 2020

Congratulations to Lucy Wiegand who has added her name to the Frog Graham Round roll of honour.


Upcoming events:

Ending today – Win Hill Uphill Only TT

Monday 14th to Sunday 20th September – Derwent TT: Race 3. This should be familiar to anyone who ran the navigation leg at last year’s relays.

Monday 21st to Sunday 27th September – Kinder Springs TT. This highly recommended outing presents plenty of route choice and requires some careful navigation, in fair weather or foul.

Until Wednesday 30th September – September 7 Hill Climbing Series.

Past events:

Tom Brunt’s win in the Derwent TT: Race 2 took him to the top of the men’s TT league table having now completed ten of the races. Jack Foxall in second had plenty in hand on the rest of the field a couple of whom incurred penalties for navigational mishaps. I’ll not embarrass myself by admitting that I was one of them.

The Sprunce series has finished for the year. I have been surprised by its popularity and so, depending on the Covid situation, am open to running another series next year. If this does happen, I’ll probably drop the current handicap system in favour of scoring along the lines of the Summer Series races.

Finally, here is something from left field - from Lewis Ashton actually - a tone poem called Kinder Scout, composed by Patrick Hadley. It was written in 1923, but first recorded in 2019. (It’s not something that I’m tempted to whistle along to.)


13th September, 2020

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