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posted by DaveT on 26th Jun 2017

The delights of Langdale - entries now open on Sportident. ...and also well worth noting, is that for Castle Carr, " There will be organised recces of the race route on Sunday July 16th and Aug 20th". There is every opportunity to be going astray badly throughout the race, and a proper guided recce will be essential for anyone needing crunch Championship points.

Blackfell - Carshare League Counter. . AM, (a very strong AM..) from Kettlewell. A much larger entry this year, and although incessantly repeating myself, this is one of the very best AM courses, a right genuine fell course. Only four of us there, but then we may have the last laugh next year, if the clag is down, and there's a need to be finding the way round. Results.

Lakeland Classics - updated so far. Plenty to be looking at here. Just now the team are first, but that's with having done three races. Ambleside and Borrowdale will be getting their third race in. Wasdale next.....

Lake District Mountain Trial details, etc. "Entries are now open for this year's trial to be held on September 10th at Gatesgarth Farm at the head of Buttermere. Entry is via: Or via: . Classic Trial: around 18 miles and 7500ft climb (29 km and 2300m). Estimated winning time = 4.5hrs. Minimum age for entry: 18yrs Medium Trial: around 13 miles and 5000ft climb (21 km and 1500m). Estimated winning time = 3.5hrs. Minimum age for entry: 18yrs Short Trial: around 9 miles and 3500ft climb (15 km and 1100m). Estimated winning time = 3hrs. Minimum age for entry for single runners: 18yrs. The distances shown above are as the crow flies. Actual distances covered may be up to 50% further. There is a Pairs category in the Short Trial in 2017. "

Heptonstall Festival - results.
Saunders LMM - results.
Thurlstone Chase- results.
Warslow Beer Festival- results.
Skiddaw- results.
Great Hucklow- results.
Trunce 6- results.

Danefield Relay. Composite teams of three, around Otley Chevin, more teams than ever, good to have a relay open to anybody and everybody. an aspect of running clearly missing around the Peak....About 3 miles each lap, three in a team, and a vicious last hill each time around. results.

Stirton , by Skipton .results. A very pleasant evening race, no prizes but a bottle of beer to us when we finished.

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Kirsty says:
July 3, 2017 at 02:53 am

Lake District mountain trial has a new category for the short course: parent/guardian and child (over 14yrs) running as a pair . A great event and introduction to youngsters to mountain navigation

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