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posted by John on 29th Nov 2010

LATEST: Southern Warts by road to Grouse now cancelled. If locals wish to run up under their own steam and meet for a pint there around 7.30pm, then please post a comment below and/or email the webmaster. It looks as though there will be no takers for this, so don't expect anyone there unless you make sepecific arrangements. Northern Warts run from Upper Midhope has been cancelled. A group of us will be running from my house, 615 Loxley Road, at 6.30. Tim T has suggested that we then rendezvous in the Rivelin Valley at 6.45 before attempting to run to the Sportsman for a pint, (see his comment below). Sounds a nice idea to me. Views? Dave H, 11:45 From Tim Tett (not strictly Warting but relevant): Given the weather, many people won’t be able to get up to the Sportsman tonight  - in a car anyway.  So as a suggestion I am going to run up to the pub from home via Rivelin, have a pint, and run home again.  If anyone wants to join me from the S6 area I will be at Hollins Bridge in Rivelin at 6.45.  This will allow the Warts run from Dave Holmes house to join in if they wish.  I’ll wait for 5mins or so in case anyone is running late (sorry for the pun).  Hope to be at the Sportsman for 7.30- 7.45 and leave again around 8.15.  If anyone wants to organise a similar run from other parts of Sheffield you can email our the webmaster or just turn up at 7.30’ish from wherever. I will endeavour to make Tim Tett's rendezvous, leaving Crookes at 6.30pm. If anyone cares to join me (Willy), email See also news page for thoughts from Gavin & Andy Moore. Whilst not claiming to be the official warts run,  Andy Harmer, Tim Hawley and me (Chris Barber) met at Dave Holmes house and promptly left him as he was going to do a "road" run to the Sportsman. We, however, took the hearty option and ran up the Common, along the top, to Holdsworth and then down and across to Dungworth and thence back to the Robin Hood pub, which...was bleedin' well closed! Ha! Serves you right for being such miseries. Those of us of a more sociable disposition, (John Gunnee, Dave Sugden, Paul Sanderson and me, Dave Holmes), headed down the Loxley Valley to the Rivelin, where we found Lucy, Willy and Tim running round looking for us. United, the group then had a magical run up the valley, past picturesque weirs and frozen millponds, then a grind up the snowbound Blackbrook and along the windblown edge above the Rivelin Dams. A slog through thigh-deep snow in the last field, and suddenly we were in the Sportsman with friends who'd battled from various different directions. These included an unmoustached Mr Westgate, who took some stick from his fellow Movemberists for premature shaving. Two pints later we donned winter garb again, bade farewell to Jill, Harry and the locals and reversed down the Rivelin via two whisky stops. A slog through unbroken snow through the fields to Nethergate, and suddenly we found ourselves in front of a woodburner at the top house with pints of Tetleys in our hands. An impromptu snowball fight with some overexcited locals, a glissade down the Loxley Lunge plunge, and next thing we knew we were over the one-man bridge and back home. A wonderful evening, and the strangest "road run" I'll ever do in my life. Photos to follow when I get home to the camera. GPS of the alternative miserabilists' route below...

There is a map of this run, view the post to see it

Permalink | Closed to new comments (6) | Last updated on Thursday 2nd December 2010 at 10:55am


Dave says:
December 2, 2010 at 11:37 am
Just had a look at your GPS track Chris. You seem to have covered a great deal of tarmac - certainly far more than we did on our road run! Surely some mistake - has your thingy gone wrong?
Chris Barber says:
December 2, 2010 at 10:28 am
Well apart from the fact that it's a long way to the Sportsman from Loxley and even further back after a couple of pints of beer! This was meant to be an away trip. Good old Martin, you can always rely on him for entertainment!
電工 says:
December 2, 2010 at 10:13 am
where were you Chris? everyone made it to the Sportsman except you and a Harmer, it was a good night and Jill & Harry at the pub really appreciated us making the effort. Good larf with Martin Payne who suggested we ran up to High Neb from home via the Pole. He relented when we reached the top dam an hour after leaving home, best bit was when he disappeared into a snow bridged stream
al williams says:
December 1, 2010 at 10:50 am
assuming the southern warts will struggle also tonight (from the grouse) - anyone going for it? - we're under deep fluffy stuff in S8 this morning!
John says:
December 1, 2010 at 10:18 am
No way my car is moving, have not been down to the main road yet, giving the Guardian time to arrive at the shop first. If people still go to the Grouse then I would jog/walk/struggle along the river to Grindleford then up through the woods for a pint, but I think it's probably unwise to ask folk to venture out tonight as temperatures fall, so I would suggest go ahead with your Crookes alternative and the rest of us do whatever we can.
WillyK says:
December 1, 2010 at 10:14 am
Erm - how's the Hathersage Road looking just at present, chaps? May have to organise a Wart-cum-Urban Fell Race recce from Crookes instead.

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