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From the Photos page

posted by John on 13th Feb 2014

The Warts’ committee had made a determined effort for the Wednesday night run from Blackden. They had even managed to infiltrate the BBC weather forecast by predicting heavy rain, snow and very strong and blustery winds. Such was the trepidation raised by this forecast that the decision was made at the Blackden gathering to go for a lower level route from the Hagg car park.

So, all very togged up for a soaking and a blasting, we scrambled and staggered up through the wind towards Crookestone Knoll which was amazingly calm and warm (?) in its lee. Onwards along the again very wild Kinder edge (remember the Snake Inn outing) and across the foaming Jagger’s Clough to the 444m summit**. Next stop was the quarry (whiskey and jelly babies) where there was much speculation of an EGM if not an AGM. Speakers were invited to stand on the rock block soapbox to propose how the next AGM should be organized at the quarry. Needless to say there was no clear agreement to do so! Discussions were curtailed as we headed down into the valley for a climb up Telegraph Hill, very much propelled by the wind. Returning to the car park and then the pub, there was an air of disappointment because there had been no rain. Yes, the rain and the snow had held off and some rocks on the last descent track appeared to be actually, dare I say it, dry! Whilst this time the committee had not managed to reach the top class weather conditions achieved on the Snake run, they had won a psychological victory causing a change in the route choice.
However, be warned, there is still time before the Warting season ends for the committee to produce a finale of fearsome fury.


** Editor's note: if you are on the OS map it's a 442m summit, Harvey's has it as 444m, in fact both have the knoll/cairn some distance from the summit. It's clearly not an exact science, as I say every time I get lost.

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