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From the Photos page

posted by PG on 17th Oct 2014

Ten of us set off from the Sportsman, with Rob leading. There was an interesting route to the Headstone, with Jim and Peter separately peeling off to head down to the Rivelin track and up the ridge via the Reddicar Clough path to wait for the rest there. Then along the conduit to the little reservoir. JF headed off to Redmires with the excuse of the Round Rotherham at the weekend, taking five with him (we had been out nearly an hour by then). Tom, Sam, Julian and Peter were the only ones up for the Full Monte. It took us about 15 minutes to "navigate" across the marsh, but it was straightforward up to and along the shooting butts and it was great to be able see the lights of Hope Valley through the gaps in the clag once we reached High Neb, it was breezy but not the threatened 20mph plus winds.   But despite a straightforward return via the Pole the whole run took us very nearly 2.5 hours, not helped at the end by "roadworks" on the conduit back to the Sportsman which have turned it into a rubble-filled quagmire.

There is a map of this run, view the post to see it

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