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From the Photos page

posted by StevenJones on 27th Apr 2017

Spine Race

Sunday 15 January 2017 to Sunday 22 January 2017

268 miles (431 km); 36,729 feet (11,195 m) of ascent




First Man:Tom Hollins (supported);99:25:36

First Lady and joint 6th overall:Carol Morgan (supported);109:54:00

Gregory Crowley:9th;DPFR;120:45:07

Steven Jones:DPFR;DNF - Malham

Weather:Interesting and very seasonal!

The Spine Race event consists of the full Spine Race involving a 268 mile (431 km) adventure up the Pennine Way starting in Edale and finishing in Kirk Yetholm in Scotland with an ascent along the way of around 13,195 metres (36,729 feet).There is also a "fun run" version called the Spine Challenger which lasts a mere 108 miles and finishes at Hawes (as does the Spine MRT Challenge).

260 runners from 22 different countries took part in the three versions of the Spine Race events.It is regarded as a gruelling race due the winter weather conditions; it being dark for most of the time; navigation; sleep deprivation and the terrain.

The Spine Race started with rain and snow and passed numerous fell runners coming the other way on the Marsden to Edale Trigger.There was plenty of scope to wade through icy streams and rivers on the Kinder Plateau, Bleaklow and Black Hill before settling down to more benign conditions.A number of runners were swept away in the torrents but were rescued by other runners or made it out on their own.For those taking part it was a memorable experience.

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