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From the Photos page

posted by StevenJones on 13th Aug 2017

Long Tour of Bradwell

Saturday 12 August 2017

32.7 miles (52.6 km); 7,218 feet (2,200 m) of ascent

The route embraces some interesting and varying scenery from both the White Park and Dark Peak areas of the Peak District.It starts in Bradwell with a gradual ascent to the Limestone Way before descending to Castleton via Cave Dale; then over Hollins Cross and down to Edale before a climb to the Druid's Stone on the Kinder plateau; up Lose Hill and around the edge of Win Hill and across to Bamford; past Dennis Knoll to run along Stanage Edge followed by Upper Burbage Bridge and Burbage Bridge; past Upper Padley and Leadmill before a trail along Abney Clough then up and over and back down to the finish in Bradwell. The weather was mainly cloudy with occasional showers.

Starters: 115

Finishers: 106

Retired: 9

Fastest Man: Lee Kemp Waverly Harriers 5:03:51

Fastest Lady: 13th overall Nicky Spinks Dark Peak Fell Runners 6:23:36

Jon Pemberton: 5th Dark Peak Fell Runners 6:05:32

Gregory Crowley: 22nd Dark Peak Fell Runners 6:42:40

Claire Prosser: 55th Dark Peak Fell Runners 7:51:32

Chris Duffy: 57th Dark Peak Fell Runners 7:53:15

Michael Bourne: 71st Dark Peak Fell Runners 8:27:14

Georgie Hill: 74th Dark Peak Fell Runners 8:32:26

Steven Jones: 79th Dark Peak Fell Runners 8:58:07

There was also a Half Tour of Bradwell of about 16 miles and 3,000 feet of ascent representing a truncated version of the Long Tour of Bradwell. 141 out of the 142 starters finished.

Fastest Man: Bart Shaw Totley AC 2:04:24

Fastest Lady: 11th overall Tracy Dean Raidlight UK 2:21:40

Gareth Briggs: 4th Dark Peak Fell Runners 2:06:57

Adrian Fisher: 9th Dark Peak Fell Runners 2:17:47

David Bethell: 10th Dark Peak Fell Runners 2:18:56

Mick Archer: 13th Dark Peak Fell Runners 2:21:48

Chloe Haines: 20th Dark Peak Fell Runners 2:30:26

Rosie Walwyn: 31st Dark Peak Fell Runners 2:36:20

David Wood: 46th Dark Peak Fell Runners 2:46:30

Dave Coleshill: 56th Dark Peak Fell Runners 2:51:30

The race timing was provided by Racetek. Full details of splits and the ability to filter the results into categories is on the internet under "Results Racetek". The occasional checkpoint location was not registered for some runners despite being "dibbed". However, the timing and the layout of the results was good overall.

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