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From the Photos page

posted by StevenJones on 18th Mar 2018

Haworth Hobble

Saturday 10 March 2018

32 miles (51.5 km); 4,400 feet (1,341 m) of ascent

Starters: 375 (including pairs)

Finishers: 313 singles and pairs (351 runners in total)

Retired: 24

First Man: Ken Sutor; M40; Cheshire Hash; 4:33:18

First Lady: 14th overall; Lorraine Slater; F45; Barlick; 5:07:02

John Bottomley: 6th; M35; DPFR; 4:51:13

Cass Chisholm: 141st; F35; DPFR; 6:35:58

Steven Jones: 196th; M55; DPFR; 7:12:54

John Vernon: 311st; M65: DPFR; 9:59:08

The Haworth Hobble is a race for singles or pairs with mostly single runners taking part. There were 313 finishers (including pairs) and since some started as pairs the actual number of finishers was 351. It is not known whether the 24 DNF's were 12 pairs or 24 singles or some other combination. During the event there were hot dogs, doughnuts, whisky and other refreshments.

The weather had been dry throughout and quite mild for the time of year with good visibility. It was very wet underfoot in places with patches of snow remaining here and there.

John Bottomley who had been near the front during the race had the following to say:

"Hobble thoughts...

The race was summed up by the conversation I had with the bloke at the end taking numbers. He said 'We were puzzled to begin with as you were all a lot slower than usual but you all looked like you had been working hard.' Yes, that would be the fault of the conditions; a choice of running through 3in of stream water along the path or taking your chances in the 3/4in + mud down the sides of the path. Twice, whilst running across a sopping wet field I did feel sorry for the people at the back; would they actually be able to run through the morass left by the 300+ people running before them?!

Whilst I did set off too fast as usual I realised this earlier than last year and slowed so avoided running the last half in post-crash purgatory. The biggest disappointment though was the lack of donuts at the end - last year there were 6 banana boxes piled high with them (which was a regrettably missed photo opportunity) whereas as although there was stew and heaps of pasta, the only sugar I could see were a few cupcakes - a healthier slant to their post race food I wonder?!"

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