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Round Rotherham Run
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From the Photos page

posted by StevenJones on 14th Aug 2018

Long Tour of Bradwell

Saturday 11 August 2018

32.7 miles (52.6 km); 7,218 feet (2,200 m) of ascent

The above details are from last year's race and this year there were some small adjustments to the route so the distance and ascent may be slightly different.

The route embraces some interesting and varying scenery from both the White Park and Dark Peak areas of the Peak District. It starts in Bradwell with a gradual ascent to the Limestone Way before descending to Castleton via Cave Dale; then over Hollins Cross and down to Edale before a climb up The Nab and across to Rowland Cote Moor (but not to the Druid's Stone as in previous years); up Lose Hill and around the edge of Win Hill and across to Bamford; past Dennis Knoll to run along Stanage Edge followed by Upper Burbage Bridge and Burbage Bridge; down Padley Gorge and past Upper Padley and Leadmill before a trail along Abney Clough then up and over and back down to the finish in Bradwell.

The weather was warm and sunny and it was dry underfoot.

Starters: 87

Finishers: 79

Retired: 8

Fastest Man: Stuart Walker M Dark Peak Fell Runners 5:08:30

Fastest Lady: 18th overall Abigail Hathaway F Smiley Paces 6:51:12

Ian Challons: 13th M Dark Peak Fell Runners 6:40:44

Chris Duffy: 16th M Dark Peak Fell Runners 6:50:14

Adam Micklethwaite: 32nd MV40 Dark Peak Fell Runners 7:17:51

Simon Allen: 34th MV40 Dark Peak Fell Runners 7:35:36

Steven Jones: 40th MV50(MV55) Dark Peak Fell Runners 7:58:02

Graeme McCarthy: 56th MV50 Dark Peak Fell Runners 8:27:43

There was also a Half Tour of Bradwell of about 16 miles and 3,000 feet of ascent representing a truncated version of the Long Tour of Bradwell.

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