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Wed 29th Jun
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Wed 29th Jun
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Wed 29th Jun
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Wed 29th Jun


Grand Day Out
4h • 27/06/2022 • 14:30

11h • 27/06/2022 • 7:28

Michael Poulter
19h • 26/06/2022 • 23:59

22h • 26/06/2022 • 20:31

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 26/06/2022 • 17:18

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 26/06/2022 • 16:45

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 26/06/2022 • 16:33

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 26/06/2022 • 16:25

1d • 26/06/2022 • 15:40

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 26/06/2022 • 12:39

Jim P
1d • 26/06/2022 • 12:28

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 25/06/2022 • 17:43

Dark Peak Fell Runners
4d • 23/06/2022 • 8:40

Dark Peak Fell Runners
4d • 22/06/2022 • 22:34

4d • 22/06/2022 • 21:36

Dark Peak Fell Runners
5d • 22/06/2022 • 13:47

Dark Peak Fell Runners
5d • 22/06/2022 • 12:22

6d • 21/06/2022 • 15:58

6d • 20/06/2022 • 22:17

7d • 20/06/2022 • 18:58

7d • 20/06/2022 • 17:37

DPFR Juniors
7d • 20/06/2022 • 17:26

John Thorpe
7d • 20/06/2022 • 15:09

DPFR Juniors
15d • 12/06/2022 • 18:25

DPFR Juniors
1mo • 25/05/2022 • 23:13

DPFR Juniors
1mo • 23/05/2022 • 17:24

DPFR Juniors
1mo • 22/05/2022 • 11:36

DPFR Juniors
1mo • 9/05/2022 • 22:12

DPFR Juniors
1mo • 9/05/2022 • 22:11

DPFR Juniors
1mo • 9/05/2022 • 9:30

DPFR Juniors
1mo • 8/05/2022 • 19:39

DPFR Juniors
1mo • 8/05/2022 • 19:36

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Dark Peak Juniors provides fell running and racing activities for children from ages 6 to 18. It is open to new members from South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire. The emphasis in the club is to provide fun running adventures in the Dark Peak and the on the margins of Sheffield. We seek to provide our members with the tools that will enable them to go on to have fulfilling hill running adventures for life. The emphasis is on fitness, technical running skills, good judgement, navigation and hill craft.

Social media

As well as the members only Facebook and WhatsApp groups, you can now find us on:

Instagram as Darkpeak_juniors and on

Twitter @DpfrJ

Run Leaders

We encourage anyone who would like to take a more formal approach to leadership, to look at (or discuss) the possibility taking the the FRA

LiFR and/or CiFR qualifications as a high quality entry into the coaching world. The club has an annual budget to support aspirant leaders through this training track.


Runners must have enough clothing to stay warm on the runs. Covid requirements for kit are more stringent as carry kit of others and sharing kit is not possible. Kit MUST include: waterproof top, hat, gloves, a long sleeved top and a running bag to carry them in. A pair of waterproof trousers is also strongly recommended. For runs in the depths of winter, considerably more kit should be worn & carried.

Junior section round table

On 18th October 2020 a round table discussion was held to talk about the Juniors return to running and more generally about the operations and purpose of the Junior Section. An outline of the discussions can be found in the attached paper - no formal minutes were taken, so this is Lewis' perspective on the meeting. Alternative points of view, or correction of facts are welcome.

Juniors round table discussion

Another such meeting will be held early in the new year.


2022 Membership forms are below.

Membership is open to runners from the age of 6, for the many and varied fell running related activities that the membership arranges, and of course the honour of wearing the coveted brown vest in local and national events.

Where possible, please pay your subscription by Bank Transfer or standing order.

Forms for new and returning members:



For membership renewals, See Lewis at your first run in 2022.

Other Documents

Junior-Sign-In sheet

Junior Membership policy

Parental Consent Form - for a visiting runner, or where event organisers require additional consent to participation.


DPFR Privacy Policy

DPFR Juniors Photography Policy

Championship Races 2022

FRA pages for the Junior championships can be found in this link

Championship races

Date Race Notes
26-03-22 Trawden Junior Race
24-04-22 Black Combe
07-05-22 Todd Crag
15-05-22 Great Whernside Also hosting the British Junior Inter-Counties Championship
22-05-22 Guisborough Woods Junior Classic Date now confirmed as 22nd
02-07-22 Helm Hill Race to be organised by Helm Hill club

After a peak and Pennine focused championship in 2021, 2022 is spread across the Lakes and North Pennines.

Championship races 2021

Results for 2021 championship:


Championship points are scored from the best 4 results

27-03-21 Trawden (East Lancashire) - CANCELLED
15-05-21 Guisborough Woods Junior Classic - CANCELLED
29-05-21 West Nab - Holmfirth
13-06-21 Up The Nab - Glossop
10-07-21 Bradwell - Peak District
12-09-21 Ilam - Derbyshire

Junior Home International

Northern Ireland -

International Mountain Running Youth Cup

24 July - Ambleside. eligible athletes were born in 2004 & 2005

British Junior Inter-counties Championship

Junior Inter-Counties Championship (including U/15, U/17 and U/19 categories) –

For the latest information on the Inter-Counties please consult the Fell/Hill Inter-Counties website at https://britishintercountiesfellrunningchampionshi...

Yorkshire Junior Championships


2020 Junior Championships - incomplete due to Covid.

2019 Junior Championship Results

Full details of the championship series and results for 2019 can be found here

Points are based on position (50 points for 1st)

U13G - 32 Gracie Moss. 37 Emily Bradley. 38 Isobelle Groom. 62 Jazz Doyle

U13B - 39 Joe Moss

U15G – 30 Amelia Theobald. 28 Ffion Patton. 60 Alyssa Lowrie. 60 Summer Lowrie

U15B - 28 Eddie Fitzpatrick. 46 George Doyle

U17G - none

U17B - 8 Euan Patton. 24 Thomas Bradley. 28 Jonah Patton

U19G - 4 Emily Barnett

U19B - none

In the Junior Challenge:

U9 – Beau Elliott (3) Alex Ashton (1)

U11 - Maxwell Groome (3). Roxy Doyle (1). Tadek Kunicki-Holda (1)

Team (3 best placed runners over 10yrs count)

1st Ambleside (876)

13th Dark Peak (699)

County Championship (Yorkshire)



Kieran Loombe

Dark Peak



Eve Crownshaw

Dark Peak



Eve Crownshaw

Dark Peak



Eve Crownshaw

Dark Peak



Tom Hutton

Dark Peak

2018 Championship results

U15 Boys – 40 Eddie F. 44 George D

U15 Girls – 52 Alyssa L

U17 Girls – 13 Emily B

U19 Boys – 5 Kieran L. 30 Clin D H

U19 Girls – 5 Eve C

Team 2018

1 Rossendale (862pts)

13 Dark Peak (662 pts)

During the covid pandemic everything is distanced. Start off with arms out. No one in fingertip distance.

General approach

In general, kids under 14, don't respond particularly well to going on long runs. Going out and just running is not very engaging. So its good to break it up a lot.

Age 6-9

This group usually operates in a static location relatively close to the parking. Getting newer and younger kids involved and comfortable is a significant component for this group. Good amounts of slack time and options to sit out are very useful. Form based drills (if they play any part at all) have to be a small percentage of a session, not too complex and short lived. Lots of games, fun and some adventure.

Age 9-11

This group is a halfway house between the two groups. Whilst its best not to venture too far away from the start / finish, a bit more adventure and challenge is good to maintain attention. The running element can be increased some. Relays & intervals are good. The balance is in not exhausting them too quickly. After warm ups and some efforts, its good to have a segment of games with down time. Anyone with any energy in the last 15 minutes should be encouraged to run some hard intervals - but make it easy for people to sit out, or do less.


This group usually venture further afield. The over all distance on the map shouldn't be more than 3km. The temptation with this group might be to be too ambitious. A long straight run is probably not so good. Lots of regroups. Intervals & relays that have an elective component for effort, speed and distance are good. Make the most of the technical terrain that presents itself. Its good to put some games in there to keep it fun & light.


Warm up

Simon says

Some balancing and hopping from foot to foot

Straight forward bend and flex movements


One of the best bits about venturing far and wide is the ability to use bits of terrain for some training. Up hill; down hill; and route choices.

Tricky terrain is really good training ground. Make it safe, but challenging. Make it a good adventure. Some of the most successful and enjoyable sessions have had full on slopes and riotous attempts & challenges on safe, tricky ground.


Hide n seek, hide n seek tig, and variations with getting back to base.

Whistle. Everyone runs away until you blow your whistle. Then everyone runs back. Do variations of long and short. This enables kids to operate at their own stamina and intensity levels.

Parent statues. Make the parents spread out. Kids run from you, round an adult and back. Make them pick different adults each time. Make the adults move every now and then.

Its possible to vary parent status by making runner and status swap places.

Relay intervals. Pairs, 3s or more. Round a marker ... or adult. And back. Different markers for different groups stops it being directly competitive. Adults can also join groups.

Follow my leader. String of children. Walking, following the person at the front. On command the person at the back runs to the front. Make the groups max 5. Keep the person at the front walking. Encourage adventure. Up and over or through the mud.

Tig, stuck in the mud and variations are great to get people working on the terrain. Get the adults involved too.

If in doubt. Another round of hide and seek.

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