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Dark Peak Fell Runners
10h • 16/10/2018 • 11:30

Dark Peak Fell Runners
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Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 15/10/2018 • 7:26

Charlie Massey
1d • 14/10/2018 • 22:58

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1d • 14/10/2018 • 22:42

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Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 14/10/2018 • 18:17

Orienteering & Fell Running
2d • 14/10/2018 • 12:11

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 14/10/2018 • 8:10

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 14/10/2018 • 7:42

James Tullie
2d • 13/10/2018 • 22:05

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3d • 13/10/2018 • 19:24

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3d • 13/10/2018 • 18:36

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3d • 13/10/2018 • 10:26

Steel Valley Project
8d • 8/10/2018 • 14:36

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Rivelin Foxtrot/Dobbin Race - this Saturday, 1st October, 11am

As previously trailed by the Calendar, RO Mike Hayes has come up with a mouthwatering 21st century mash up of the Rivelin Foxtrot, a once regular thrash through the thicker undergrowth of the Rivelin Valley, and the 'Dobbin' or 'Weights' Race, to keep us all entertained on Saturday.

The race starts and finished from the club hut, taking in four checkpoints (possible grid references provided for the less well initiated), as follows:

CP1. The Dog's Grave SK265864

CP2. Wyming Brook Knoll SK274863

CP3. Waterworks Stepping Stones SK284867

CP4. Allen Sike Spring SK284862

Mike confidently predicts that 'high vegetation means it will be the slowest race on the calendar'.

More to the point, Mike's added a further twist. He will be bringing along a pair of scales to weigh everyone (plus whatever they choose to carry with them) at the start of the race and prizes will be awarded 'strictly in line with boxing's weight categories'; to wit -

MIDDLEWEIGHT To the fastest person with "rucsac+body" weight of 154lb+ (69.9kg)

CRUISERWEIGHT To the fastest person with "rucsac+body" weight of 175lb+ (79.4kg)

HEAVYWEIGHT To the fastest person with "rucsac+body" weight of 200lb+ (90.7kg)

For the purposes of the 40@40, in a format which - in the RO's words - favours 'cart horses', league points will be awarded first to completers of the heavyweight category, then cruiserweights, then middleweights, and finally to those also rans carrying less than 69.9kg in bodily frame + rucksack/contents.

So don't delay; get your scales out and start adjusting your load to ensure peak performance on the day. And please do pass the word along to any old-timers who may fancy a trip down memory lane.

Unmissable, surely?

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