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Helen Elmore
7d • 8/02/2019 • 14:14

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Willy's 50th Birthday Dozen

The Calendar is pleased to announce the following provisional start times for his birthday race around Kinder this coming Saturday 6th May, starting and finishing at the Nag's Head, Edale. If anyone else would like to join the festivities, please can you email or catch me at the AGM on Wednesday to let me know you'll be coming. Alternatively, you may wish to track down Matt R, who is allegedly having a crack at the inaugural Frog Kinder on the same day - swim/run route tbc.

There's a pint on offer for anybody who finishes before the birthday boy, and prize-giving (including some rather fine original art work for the first fifty finishers) will be in Tim Rippon's teepee in the campsite behind Cooper's Cafe at about 6pm. Regrettably, the cafe has this week had to pull out of catering for us, so we may be taking pot luck in the Nag's post-run for food - though I'll try to sort something with them Friday night.

Full details of all checkpoints can be found on the DP website under members/Bob Graham/Other Challenges; in due deference to the organiser's OCD on this point, please be sure to touch all checkpoints (trigs, cairns, access points etc.). Other than this, you can take whatever chaotic lines you see fit.

8am start

Ruth Batty (F40)

Rob Cole (M) [Half Dozen]

Loxley Crawshaw (M45)

Fiona Jones (F)

Ken Jones (M65) [Quarter Dozen]

Richard Hakes (M55) [Quarter Dozen]

Willy Kitchen (M50)

Jim Paxman (M55)

Rose Paxman (F)

Jude Stansfield (F45) [Quarter Dozen]

Steve Jones (M50)

8.30am start

Penny Collier (F50)

Simon Dixon (M45)

Helen Elmore (F45) [Half Dozen, allegedly]

Adrian Fisher (M40)

Jack Foxall (M)

Sarah Jones-Morris (F40)

Brent Lindsay (M50)

Rob Moore (M50)

Clare Oliffe (F) [Quarter Dozen, allegedly]

Pippa Wilkie (F50)

9am start

Mike Bourne (M50)

Sarah Broadhurst (F50)

Simon Rippon (M50)

Tim Rippon (M50)

Kev Saville (M50)

John Webber (M55)

9.30am start

Glen Borrell (M40)

Rich Bradbury (M45)

Sally Fawcett (F)

Pete Fraser-Smith (M40)

Kris Groom (M)

Simon Mills (M)

Mike Nolan (M45)

Tim Rutter (M)

Nicky Spinks (F50)

10am start

Paul Fauset (M40)

Bob Johnston (M40)

Ralph Skrimshire (M40)

10.15am start

Stu Walker (M)


Tim Rippon and I will be pitching the teepee on Friday night - there's room for a few more bodies if anyone else fancies staying over Fri night; please let one of us know in advance if you can.

Camping (Saturday night) - the following have said they'll be camping, and I have asked the site to reserve space for you. Please let me know, therefore, if you are no longer planning to stop over:

Brent & Sarah, Clare, Helen & Fitz, Jim & Olwyn, Loxley, Mike B, Richard & Di, Rich & Zanna, Penny, Rob C, Rob M, Sally & Simon M, Sarah & Matt, Simon D, Simon R & Jude, Steve J, Tim R

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