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Wed 17th Oct
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Dark Peak Fell Runners
3h • 15/10/2018 • 11:34

Dark Peak Fell Runners
7h • 15/10/2018 • 7:29

Dark Peak Fell Runners
7h • 15/10/2018 • 7:26

Charlie Massey
15h • 14/10/2018 • 22:58

Stuart Walker
15h • 14/10/2018 • 22:42

16h • 14/10/2018 • 22:32

Dark Peak Fell Runners
20h • 14/10/2018 • 18:17

Orienteering & Fell Running
1d • 14/10/2018 • 12:11

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 14/10/2018 • 8:10

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 14/10/2018 • 7:42

James Tullie
1d • 13/10/2018 • 22:05

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 13/10/2018 • 19:29

Pete Bland Sports
1d • 13/10/2018 • 19:24

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 13/10/2018 • 18:41

Rhys FindlayRobinson
1d • 13/10/2018 • 18:36

zoe barton
2d • 13/10/2018 • 10:26

Steel Valley Project
7d • 8/10/2018 • 14:36

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Volunteers to take on the Calendar ... ?

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to take on the job of keeping the Calendar up to date? I've been doing the job for the past seven years, but work pressures mean I'm finding it increasingly difficult to keep on top of routine Calendar changes through the year. More to the point, I've not been able to get out racing much either over the past couple of years so my finger's less and less on the pulse.

I'd like to carry on doing the Carshare League, and would be happy to keep on with the other 'away' fixtures too (Championships, Relays, Lakeland Classics etc.), but it'd be extremely helpful if someone else could take on the local league (Peak District) and club races and runs. It is these which can need relatively speedy updating from time to time. I'd be happy to walk potential volunteers through what's involved (it ain't rocket science).

If you can help, please email me or the webmaster.

... and with apologies to the small number of people who offered tales to the Cat's Annals; I'm afraid I failed entirely to make the time to write these up, and so it remains to be seen whether the Honorable Membership Secretary will ever speak to me again.


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