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Dark Peak Fell Runners
2s • 26/05/2019 • 11:46

David Holmes
2h • 26/05/2019 • 9:00

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2h • 26/05/2019 • 8:50

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3h • 26/05/2019 • 8:43

Dark Peak Fell Runners
16h • 25/05/2019 • 19:11

Dark Peak Fell Runners
16h • 25/05/2019 • 18:57

Dark Peak Fell Runners
16h • 25/05/2019 • 18:56

Dark Peak Fell Runners
17h • 25/05/2019 • 18:46

Emily's Wild Adventures
1d • 25/05/2019 • 8:19

Jon pemberton
1d • 24/05/2019 • 18:21

1d • 24/05/2019 • 16:34

Dominic Watts
1d • 24/05/2019 • 16:32

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 24/05/2019 • 16:28

The Dragon
1d • 24/05/2019 • 14:41

Richard A Needham
2d • 24/05/2019 • 11:37

Fell Running Briefs
2d • 23/05/2019 • 21:01

The Dragon
2d • 23/05/2019 • 18:49

Mark Burton
3d • 23/05/2019 • 9:29

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Championship Entries Open!

Its seven weeks to the club championships (17th November). So its time to open the entries for the race. I understand it will take place somewhere in the Crowden area - but I've been known to be wrong about most things in my time (this years handicapping being a notable inclusion in that list).

Obviously, being as I created the U23 trophies last year, I'm keen there is some competition for them this year. Last year's winners no longer qualify, so they are going to have to go to two new winners this year.

This year is the last year that you'll have the opportunity to be offended by my belief in your great running capabilities. Its time that I step down from the role after this championships. We'll be looking for a new Handicapper for next year.

Please remember, if you are going to try and beat the system, no boring stories about you getting older and more infirm. Any stories need to be credibly incredible. Or if beer is your chosen option, it must be bright and clear - don't try palming any slops off on me! The penalty for trying to beat the system and failing can be measured in minutes! As can the penalty for complaining about your lot! If you really care about it that much, grass up your mates - that never fails!

Get your entry in by mailing me on the club email address Handicapper@...


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