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Thu 4th Jun
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Thu 11th Jun


Si Brown
9h • 28/05/2020 • 15:45

Paul Besley
9h • 28/05/2020 • 15:41

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 27/05/2020 • 18:10

Helen Elmore
1d • 27/05/2020 • 16:10

Rosie Watson
2d • 26/05/2020 • 16:57

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 26/05/2020 • 16:19

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 26/05/2020 • 12:04

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 26/05/2020 • 12:02

Dark Peak Fell Runners
4d • 24/05/2020 • 23:05

Dark Peak Fell Runners
4d • 24/05/2020 • 20:30

St Piran Badger Protection
5d • 23/05/2020 • 21:49

Clive Swinsco
5d • 23/05/2020 • 14:52

chris charlesworth 🇬🇧🇪🇺
6d • 22/05/2020 • 9:55

James Pierce
6d • 22/05/2020 • 9:36

chris charlesworth 🇬🇧🇪🇺
6d • 22/05/2020 • 9:24

6d • 22/05/2020 • 9:17

Dark Peak Fell Runners
7d • 21/05/2020 • 23:04

Dark Peak Fell Runners
10d • 18/05/2020 • 13:51

Dark Peak Fell Runners
11d • 17/05/2020 • 16:38

Dark Peak Fell Runners
13d • 15/05/2020 • 20:52

From the Photos page


Club Championships route revealed!


Startpath junction near Mossy lea farm060946
Cp1foot bridge top of Birchen Orchard Clough078936not on the map
Cp2Lower Shelf Stones086948the first big rocks
Cp3John track well081965
Cp4Wigan Clough/Yellowslacks stream junction073954
Cp5stile on fence - path coming down from Dog rock067957
Finishturning circle047948

From the organiser
Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy this short but challenging outing, especially the drop in and out of Yellowslacks before sprinting to the finish. The start is path junction near Mossy lea farm. Please report 10 minutes before the start to receive your race number on your wrist. It's a steady 10/15 minute to the start from the turning circle at the end of the road in old Glossop. The finish will be at the turning circle. Richard Hakes and team will be starting / timekeeping, and at the finish.

The Queens Arms has said we can use their toilets and they are prepared, I hope for 50 chip butties or so and 25 soups and some beer. Try to stagger in! and for them and yourselves spread out descending on the pub near the finish. Parking between the pub and the turning circle on Shepley lane and then on the approach road near the park.

Race notes
It is advised that you run up Doctors gate to the bridge 1.5k to pass the newly planted plantations and use the stiles to climb the hill to the 1st check point above the rocks top Birchen Orchard clough. There will be a marshal there but shouting numbers not necessary. At CPs 2/3/4 please give your number and smile at the Marshalls so we know where you have gone walkabout should you have that urge. At number 5, which you must climb up to, it will not be necessary to give your number but again smile / express yourself before hurtling off.

Anyone retiring please let a marshal know and the timekeeper at the finish so we know you have gone home safe or are in the pub. Cough up a £1 if you can at the start or finish for the Marshalls liquid expenses! Hopefully the handicap winner will receive the trophy in the pub after 1 pm. All other trophies at the dinner in the evening. Race Checkpoints to be visited in the order above.

Maps will NOT be provided, bring your own.


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