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From the Photos page


Langdale on Saturday 8th October 1994

A field of 363 runners congregated near the Old Dungeon Ghyll for the start of this classic race. The weather was ideal; cool, clouds rising off the fells exposing the rugged tops of Bowfell, Crinkle Cmgs and Pike O\'Blisco. As the sun came out occasionally it lit up the spectacular autumn colours like a kaleidoscope. Eighteen Dark Peakers set off on a course rain sodden from the previous week\'s miserable weather.

The descent from Thunacar Knott hid a few hazards with a girl disappearing in bog up to her shoulders and had to be pulled out by nearby runners. Although the going was soft and tended to slow peoples times there were some exceptions. Bob Toogood had a flier and won the Vet.50 prize with good times also by Gavin Williams, Phil Smith, Paul Sanderson and Hugh Cotton.

Little battles took place at various stages of the race between Dick Pasley and George Diprose and they finished 9 seconds apart. I passed Pete Dyke on the rocky descent off Crinkle Crags, both of us like a couple of fairies on the steep, loose, rocky descent. With no-one directly in front on the descent from Pike 0 Blisco I decided to keep high before dropping down to the cattle grid. I noticed tots of stud marks in all directions but in good visibility my line was maintained. I saw a number of people hesitate at the track junction and several shot off down towards Redacre Ghyll. However, this brings you out below the checkpoint, an error I made a couple of years ago also in good conditions.

Seeing Jiff Harrison in front of me I took another chunk of mint cake. I passed him just before the cattle grid where, to my surprise, I met \'The Wrynose Cowboy\' Roy Small coming up the road from Blea Tarn and Wrynose. A final descent and we all celebrated with a well earned pasty and a few beers at the O.D.G..

Maurice Musson
363 starters
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1G. Bland (Borr.)01:58:48   
41Bob Toogood02:22:42Dark PeakMV50 
71Gavin Williams02:33:06Dark PeakM 
75Y. Hague02:33:25   
108P. Smith02:41:51   
118Paul Sanderson02:42:54Dark PeakM 
152Hugh Cotton02:52:52Dark PeakMV45 
199Dick Pasley03:04:59Dark PeakMV50 
200George Diprose03:05:08Dark PeakM 
215R. Freeman03:08:24   
228Dave Lockwood03:09:41Dark PeakMV45 
256Roy Small03:13:05Dark PeakMV40 
259Maurice Musson03:13:44Dark PeakMV40 
265Jeff Harrison03:14:55Dark PeakMV55 
272Peter Dyke03:16:05Dark PeakMV45 
295J. Cave03:24:28   
299Geoff Bell03:25:15Dark PeakMV55 
308Colin Henson03:27:36Dark PeakMV60 
325N. Young03:36:57   
345Frank Galbraith03:48:27Dark PeakMV55 

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