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Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 26/02/2020 • 14:52

Dark Peak Fell Runners
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19d • 8/02/2020 • 13:43

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Baslow on Wednesday 6th July 1994

A slightly cooler and less humid evening after afternoon rains but still very warm and dry under foot. A smaller field this year as the late change to the Mount Famine date meant that few from west of the Peninnes turned up this year. However, large numbers are often a problem here and 146 was a little more manageable. A good Dark Peak turn out, 25 % of the field, for one of the best of the village courses with its three climbs and long, gradual run into Chatsworth Park at the finish.
Unfortunately the third change to the final descent in three years coupled with poor course marking caused some confusion. The first three stuck to last year\'s route (probably a few seconds faster), the next 14 followed this year\'s route to a new stile and the next group went along the original (and shorter) route. It made very little difference to the final results but provided plenty of talking points and confused a few spectators who had walked the half mile up from the finish to watch!
The front of the race resembled a DP club champs field and there would have been 10 Dark Peakers in the top 20 had Rob Hutton not twisted his ankle on the final rocky descent less than a mile from the finish. Further down the field it was good to see Jo Armistead, still a junior (a rare species in Dark Peak), coming in as the first of six Dark Peak women with a last ditch sprint past Deirdre.
146 starters
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1A. Landells00:28:48   
2A. Poirrette00:29:02   
4Charlie Adams00:30:32Dark PeakM 
7Jon Cant00:31:08Dark PeakM 
8A. Cory-Wright00:31:10   
10Andy Harmer00:31:18Dark PeakMV45 
11Bill Edwards00:31:30Dark PeakM 
14Mike Pedley00:32:25Dark PeakM 
18John Armistead00:33:07Dark PeakMV45 
33Andrew Moore00:34:07Dark PeakM 
38Richard Horsfield00:34:24Dark PeakM 
43Howard Swindells00:34:31Dark PeakMV45 
45Jim Lawrenson00:34:32Dark PeakMV40 
52John Lyon00:35:03Dark PeakM 
53Rob Hutton00:35:09Dark PeakM 
60Clive Wilson00:36:06Dark PeakMV40 
65Hugh Cotton00:36:52Dark PeakMV45 
66Paul Haynes00:36:55Dark PeakMV45 
70H. Mathieson00:37:12   
72K. Wiley00:37:14   

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