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50m • 12/07/2020 • 10:30

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3d • 8/07/2020 • 23:54

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Dungworth on Saturday 2nd October 1993

Race Report
1992 champion, Dave Cartwright of Penistone, had previously turned up and run round the course on the date in early August originally announced for the race. It was a relief to the organiser that Dave did not initiate legal proceedings and, instead, both officiated at the start and marshalled the gate on Ughill Wood side.
After keeping a low profile on this one for some years, Bob Toogood returned to claim the coveted Granville Harper Memorial Trophy cleaning up, in the process, on all the veterans and local\'s categories. Former champion, the evergreen Andy Harmer, retained his early lead until the final stages but couldn\'t match BT\'s surge. In the female division, Maggie Gallagher made an impressive debut on the course, and special mention should be made of Estelle Brown\'s display of effort contained by the prospect of an early start in Sunday\'s Sheffield Triathlon to followed by a game of rugby!
The renowned delights of the \'Half-Ughill\' course were enhanced by running the event in October instead of August providing some nice and slack consistency underfoot. Conditions meant that times tended to be about half-a-minute to a minute slower, although stalwart Pete Griffies was a notable exception to this.
Thanks are also due to the enthusiastic timekeepers and finishing crew. Special thanks go also to Jeff Harrison for course marking and sweeping and to Squire J. B. Edwards on whose participation more anon...
The Mystery of Hiro\'s Fan
This esteemed trophy, awarded for the most inspired walk-about during the race, had disappeared after being entrusted by 1991 winner John Norman to the care of Squire J.B. Edwards (originator of the famous \'Edwards Alternative\' finish). It was reported that the fan had been left in a car which had been subsequently sold. Anyway, the 1992 winners, John McCall and Dick Pasley, never set hands on the award.
The suspicious role of JBE in all these mysterious circumstances is complicated by the fact that the most meritworthy bid for this year\'s tenure of the fan was made by Colin Henson\'s audacious dash for Load Brook from the double stile in Ringwood Lane which had been flagged that morning by none other than JBE himself. What are we to make then of John\'s generous sponsoring of the handsome moose-head etched in Swedish crystal offered by him as a substitute (and avidly accepted by Colin) followed by the announcement, 24 hours later, that the precious fan had mysteriously turned up again.
Should the fan be presented to Colin in a specially arranged ceremony? In which case, what should be done with the moose-head paper-weight?
Dungworth Despatches
The presentation of the awards, graced by the attendance of Mrs Harper, was made in The Royal Hotel, now under new management and saved from a dire fate. The warm welcome extended to runners augurs well for the carol singing season which begins on the first Sunday after Armistice Day.
Granville Harper was related to the legendary Ernest Harper of Stannington: Granville\'s father was Ernest\'s cousin.
£34 were collected in entry fees (including some old 10p pieces and a Canadian token). £33 went to buy chocolates and sherry for the three farmers whose land parts of the race are run and whose continued cooperation is appreciated by all. The small residue will be carried forward to next year\'s event, provisionally scheduled for the first weekend in October.

Alan Yates
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1Bob Toogood00:35:05Dark PeakMV50 
2Andy Harmer00:35:15Dark PeakMV45 
3Graham Berry00:36:10Dark PeakMV45 
6Howard Swindells00:37:32Dark PeakMV45 
7Rob Davison00:37:32Dark PeakM 
9David Holmes00:38:01Dark PeakM 
11Alan Yates00:38:18Dark PeakMV45 
12Bob Berzins00:38:36Dark PeakM 
13Gavin Williams00:39:33Dark PeakM 
14Pete Griffies00:39:56   
15Mike Hayes00:40:31Dark PeakM 
16Roy Marlow00:41:33   
17Colin Lago00:41:42Dark PeakMV45 
18Martin Fox00:41:45Dark PeakM 
19Pete Farrell00:41:45Dark PeakMV40 
20Neil Goldsmith00:42:02   
22Andrew Moore00:42:31Dark PeakM 
23Jim Fulton00:42:37Dark PeakM 
24Peter Dyke00:43:35Dark PeakMV45 
25Dave Moseley00:43:41Dark PeakMV45 

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