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Dark Peak Fell Runners
1h • 12/12/2019 • 9:25

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1h • 12/12/2019 • 9:21

Graham Brown
1h • 12/12/2019 • 8:56

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2h • 12/12/2019 • 8:21

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 10/12/2019 • 19:16

Joe Wade
2d • 9/12/2019 • 21:57

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 9/12/2019 • 19:10

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3d • 8/12/2019 • 18:09

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3d • 8/12/2019 • 17:50

Dark Peak Fell Runners
4d • 7/12/2019 • 18:44

Stuart Walker
6d • 5/12/2019 • 19:53

David Holmes
6d • 5/12/2019 • 19:31

Stuart Walker
6d • 5/12/2019 • 19:21

roger walters
10d • 1/12/2019 • 17:16

roger walters
10d • 1/12/2019 • 16:02

12d • 29/11/2019 • 15:34

Mark Taylor
12d • 29/11/2019 • 15:08

Dean Read
12d • 29/11/2019 • 12:40

From the Photos page


Burbage Skyline on Wednesday 19th May 1993

After the queues and scrambles of last year, this year\'s course featured an extra half mile at the start with a trip up Carl Wark to spread the field out a bit. It has made this an even better course visiting most of Burbage\'s landmarks. It includes four climbs (Carl Wark, Mother Cap / Over Owler Tor, Higger Tor and Burbage top bridge (from the plantation)) and finishes with a long and fast run along Burbage Edge.

New Zealand international oreienteer, Alistair Landells (who has since joined Dark Peak, was never seriously challenged as he recorded his first local\' victory. Behind him, Phil Crowson continued his recent form with an excellent 4th place which could have been even better had he not made a route choice error after descending Higger Tor to Burbage Brook. A good Dark Peak turn out with six in the top twenty and including another victory in the Women\'s class for Jacky Smith well ahead of another Dark Peaker Jenny James, who took second.
162 starters
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1A. Landels00:38:00   
4Phil Crowson00:40:11Dark PeakM 
11Andy Harmer00:41:58Dark PeakMV45 
15Mike Pedley00:43:34Dark PeakM 
17P. Smith00:43:46   
20David Holmes00:44:29Dark PeakM 
25Howard Swindells00:45:00Dark PeakMV45 
29Martin Fox00:45:34Dark PeakM 
31Peter Gorvett00:45:43Dark PeakMV45 
37Jacky Smith00:46:43Dark PeakW 
41S. Finks00:47:01   
44Mike Hayes00:47:22Dark PeakM 
45Ken Jones00:47:28Dark PeakMV40 
55J. James00:48:25   
56Jim Lawrenson00:48:26Dark PeakMV40 
60Tim Mackey00:48:50Dark PeakM 
64N. Goldsmith00:49:15   
65Guy Seaman00:49:16Dark PeakMV40 
66Roy Small00:49:25Dark PeakM 
71John Herbert00:49:41Dark PeakM 

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