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Cat Slater
6m • 19/10/2019 • 20:05

Rick Stuart
13m • 19/10/2019 • 19:57

18m • 19/10/2019 • 19:52

norman bagley
22m • 19/10/2019 • 19:49

sally fawcett
27m • 19/10/2019 • 19:44

Dark Peak Fell Runners
55m • 19/10/2019 • 19:15

1h • 19/10/2019 • 19:09

Andy Gibbons
1h • 19/10/2019 • 18:30

Jason Feeney CBE
1h • 19/10/2019 • 18:22

Jeni Harvey
2h • 19/10/2019 • 17:31

Dark Peak Fell Runners
4h • 19/10/2019 • 15:37

4h • 19/10/2019 • 15:11

Dark Peak Fell Runners
5h • 19/10/2019 • 15:04

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6h • 19/10/2019 • 13:28

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6h • 19/10/2019 • 13:11

Dark Peak Fell Runners
7h • 19/10/2019 • 12:59

Dark Peak Fell Runners
7h • 19/10/2019 • 12:54

Dark Peak Fell Runners
7h • 19/10/2019 • 12:51

Dark Peak Fell Runners
11h • 19/10/2019 • 8:36

Dark Peak Fell Runners
11h • 19/10/2019 • 8:16

From the Photos page


Crookstone Crashout on Sunday 20th December 1992

This was the 18th continuous running of the \'classic\'. A
super day with frozen ground but one on which tradition was broken
with the course extended to Hartshorn. All found the route out but
there was a confusion of options on the return. Generally it was
felt to be a good trip out but unless the return is via the
Blackden Trig it encourages too much path running.
At the turn there was little in it between Phil Crowson, Andy
Harmer, Tim Tett and Andy Poirette but Phil and Tim found the edge
and came in a minute clear. The summer race will remain
traditional with the winter one out and back to Hartshorn via the

Andy Harmer
26 starters
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1Tim Tett00:53:27Dark PeakM 
1Phil Crowson00:53:27Dark PeakM 
3Andy Harmer00:54:32Dark PeakMV45 
4Andy Poirette00:56:18   
5Graham Berry01:00:30Dark PeakMV45 
6Mark Harvey01:02:25Dark PeakM 
7Paul Sanderson01:02:35Dark PeakM 
8Howard Swindells01:04:20Dark PeakMV45 
9Peter Gorvett01:05:08Dark PeakMV45 
10Richard Horsfield01:05:41Dark PeakM 
11Roger Wilson01:06:14   
12Matt Simms01:07:08   
13Hugh Cotton01:07:16Dark PeakMV40 
14Robert Marsden01:07:40Dark PeakMV45 
15Dave Lockwood01:07:44Dark PeakMV45 
16Roy Small01:07:55Dark PeakM 
17George Diprose01:08:01Dark PeakM 
18John Armistead01:08:32Dark PeakMV45 
19Will McLewin01:08:45Dark PeakMV50 
20Maurice Musson01:09:32Dark PeakMV40 

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