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Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 2/06/2020 • 11:49

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3d • 1/06/2020 • 7:59

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3d • 1/06/2020 • 1:13

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3d • 31/05/2020 • 20:14

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4d • 30/05/2020 • 20:00

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4d • 30/05/2020 • 18:44

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4d • 30/05/2020 • 13:02

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6d • 28/05/2020 • 15:45

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6d • 28/05/2020 • 15:41

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7d • 27/05/2020 • 18:10

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7d • 27/05/2020 • 16:10

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8d • 26/05/2020 • 16:57

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8d • 26/05/2020 • 12:04

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10d • 24/05/2020 • 23:05

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11d • 23/05/2020 • 21:49

Dark Peak Fell Runners
13d • 21/05/2020 • 23:04

From the Photos page


Longshaw Sheepdog Trials on Saturday 30th August 2008

This was the fifth running of the race and we’ve never had bad weather, but this was probably the wettest underfoot. For the second year running someone had \'adjusted\' the course markers within the 2 hours before the race and this must have contributed to somewhat slower times. Consequently Lloyd Taggart\'s 2005 record of 38:09 was never threatened. Other interesting additions this year were gates to be vaulted which should have been opened and a musical accompaniment at one of the furthest points.

The field of 132 runners was exactly double our previous record entry. This was due partly to a date change (to a weekend with no other local races) and partly to the fact that this year\'s Longshaw president is Jim Fulton. He even managed to squeeze a run into his busy schedule for the day.

The trophies went to:
Matt Crane of DPFR in 44.03
Christine Howard of Matlock, 1st Lady
Simon Patton of DPFR, 1st V40

… but there were lots of other prizes, including:
1st runner who arrived by tractor… A can of beer for Tim Ray
Runner with the muckiest legs… A flannel and bar of Imperial Leather for Matt Hulley

What a great race!

Dave Moseley
132 starters
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1Matthew Crane00:44:03Dark PeakM 
2Oli Johnson00:44:13Dark PeakM 
3Simon Patton00:44:34Dark PeakMV40 
7Mike Sprot00:46:27Dark PeakM 
8Mick Stenton00:46:31Dark PeakMV45 
9Gareth Candy00:46:38Dark PeakM 
10Pete Hodges00:46:43Dark PeakM 
11Jon Coe00:47:01Dark PeakM 
13Phil Crowson00:47:18Dark PeakMV45 
14Mike Nolan00:47:42Dark PeakMV40 
15Tony Hall00:47:56Dark PeakMV45 
18Matthew Hulley00:48:26Dark PeakM 
20Dave Sykes00:49:18Dark PeakM 
21Paul Addison00:49:02Dark PeakMV50 
23Andrew Moore00:49:53Dark PeakMV45 
24Jenny Johnson00:49:59Dark PeakW 
25Andy Barnett00:50:15Dark PeakMV45 
28Dave Harrison00:50:36Dark PeakMV45 
32Pippa Wilkie00:50:53Dark PeakWV40 
33Roger Woods00:51:01Dark PeakMV40 

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