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Dark Peak Fell Runners
1h • 3/04/2020 • 17:59

sally fawcett
2h • 3/04/2020 • 16:59

Helen Elmore
3h • 3/04/2020 • 16:42

Dark Peak Fell Runners
23h • 2/04/2020 • 20:39

Helen Elmore
23h • 2/04/2020 • 20:09

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 2/04/2020 • 16:17

Aaron Shimmons
1d • 2/04/2020 • 9:04

1d • 2/04/2020 • 8:58

Helen Elmore
2d • 31/03/2020 • 21:01

3d • 31/03/2020 • 18:47

3d • 31/03/2020 • 14:11

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3d • 31/03/2020 • 12:22

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3d • 31/03/2020 • 12:21

Helen Elmore
3d • 31/03/2020 • 8:23

Dark Peak Fell Runners
4d • 30/03/2020 • 14:00

Fell Junior
4d • 29/03/2020 • 22:03

Dark Peak Fell Runners
5d • 29/03/2020 • 13:04

Dark Peak Fell Runners
5d • 29/03/2020 • 13:02

Dark Peak Fell Runners
5d • 29/03/2020 • 12:53

Dark Peak Fell Runners
5d • 29/03/2020 • 12:47

James Pierce
5d • 29/03/2020 • 11:21

6d • 28/03/2020 • 0:15

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Alport on Thursday 19th August 2004

Another good turnout with quite exceptional weather. A warm and humid but dry evening soon turned black when a large thunderstorm swept in from Kinder. The leaders just managed to get into the forest above Snake as the rain and lightning started. Unfortunately, for those still on the moor above Combs Rocks things became a little nervy with several lightning strikes onto the moor. Roy not-so-big-Small was soon to be seen doing a 180 and retreating to the woods above Alport to sit it out and others made similar retreats. I suspect that this particular 'obstacle' will remain a talking point of this race for some years.

As for the race itself, the organiser managed to fend off his younger rivals and win for the nth year. The race remains a classic, demanding skills in ascent, descent, flat fast running and heather bashing - a descent memory of the route also helps as many discovered when entering the woods at the end to discover a vast felled area and missed the path back to the finish.
29 starters
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12Adam Jackson01:27:40Dark PeakM 
11Alan Yates01:27:39Dark PeakMV55 
24Ann Watmore01:38:40Dark PeakWV50 
13Bob Berzins01:34:02Dark PeakMV40 
14Chris Barber01:34:15Dark PeakMV50 
25Dave Bollington01:38:48   
8Dave Miller01:22:21   
8Dave Tait01:22:21Dark PeakMV551st V50
15David Holmes01:34:23Dark PeakMV45 
3David Taylor01:12:54Dark PeakM 
18Debbie Smith01:34:38Dark PeakW1st Lady
17Dick Pasley01:34:34Dark PeakMV60 
23John Dalton01:38:22Dark PeakMV55 
28John Myers01:46:00Dark PeakMV50 
28Lucy Wiegand01:46:00Dark PeakW 
7Mark Bown01:19:46   
20Martin Payne01:36:31Dark PeakMV40 
21Maurice Musson01:36:39Dark PeakMV50 
2Neil Northrop01:09:43Dark PeakM 
10Paul Sanderson01:23:47Dark PeakMV40 

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