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Dark Peak Fell Runners
7h • 17/11/2019 • 17:56

Joe Wade
12h • 17/11/2019 • 12:40

Dark Peak Fell Runners
17h • 17/11/2019 • 7:47

Dark Peak Fell Runners
17h • 17/11/2019 • 7:45

Coldhouse Collective
1d • 16/11/2019 • 5:23

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 15/11/2019 • 10:12

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 15/11/2019 • 2:02

David Holmes
3d • 14/11/2019 • 11:26

Friends of the Peak
3d • 14/11/2019 • 8:57

Rach FindlayRobinson
5d • 12/11/2019 • 9:06

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6d • 11/11/2019 • 11:24

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6d • 11/11/2019 • 7:39

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6d • 11/11/2019 • 7:31

7d • 10/11/2019 • 10:38

Dominic Watts
11d • 6/11/2019 • 15:42

Summit Fever Media
11d • 6/11/2019 • 8:45

Coldhouse Collective
13d • 4/11/2019 • 13:58

George Fisher Ltd
14d • 3/11/2019 • 10:02

George Fisher Ltd
14d • 3/11/2019 • 10:01

From the Photos page


Tigger Tor on Sunday 17th February 1991

With much deep snow still lying from the previous week's falls, this years race was given an added dimension. Too often in past years the road and cross country specialists have come speeding past on the long stretches of fast running. This year they could be seen picking their way carefully through deep snow and boulders. As Dark Peakers will know, fast descending through deep snow can provide some of the most enjoyable running of the year and brown vests could be seen speeding off Burbage Edge past the more cautious reds greens and yellows.

At the front caution was also the key. Bob and Andy led the field all the way to Stanage Edge. From my mid-field position I was surprised, on reaching the coll between Higger Tor and Carl Wark, to glance up and see the leaders (including Colin Donnelly) just reaching the top of Higger Tor. Once off Stanage Edge the pace picked up but at the finish only seventy seconds separated first (Colin Donnelly) from tenth (Graham Berry).

195 starters
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1C. Donnelly01:10:29   
5Andy Harmer01:11:20Dark PeakMV40 
8Bob Berzins01:11:28Dark PeakM 
10Graham Berry01:11:39Dark PeakMV45 
23Mike Pedley01:16:07Dark PeakM 
24Ed Hutt01:16:12Dark PeakM 
29Paul Sanderson01:17:10Dark PeakM 
31C. Stamp01:17:27   
33Richard Horsfield01:17:42Dark PeakM 
37Alan Yates01:18:15Dark PeakMV45 
39M. Simms01:18:31   
44B. Sprakes01:19:05   
53Gerry Lax01:19:35Dark PeakMV45 
58R. Marlow01:20:07   
60Hugh Cotton01:20:21Dark PeakMV40 
62P. Kohn01:20:32   
63Howard Swindells01:20:50Dark PeakMV40 
64S. Palfeyman01:20:58   
75Tim Mackey01:21:51Dark PeakM 
79J. Wilkinson01:22:14   

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