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Dark Peak Fell Runners
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1d • 19/09/2019 • 15:14

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2d • 18/09/2019 • 11:27

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3d • 17/09/2019 • 17:32

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6d • 14/09/2019 • 18:13

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From the Photos page


Holme Moss on Sunday 17th June 1990

Yorkshire Fell Running Championships

When I ran Holme Moss 3 years ago I found it a very contrived course, designed to squeeze an AL out of the Eastern Moors. Then it was a hot humid day and I took about 4.5 hours. Consequently, when I arrived at Holmebridge this year on a hot humid day I wasn't exactly looking forward to it.

The race began, with Alan and I assuring each other that we were just out for a jog around. Andy Styan more or less led from the start and it was a repeat of the Ingleborough Junior Fell Race (Styan 1st, Harmer 2nd). The race appeared less contrived and was more of a runners race.

From Bearholme to Laddow I 'worselled' a number who were in front of me who went left of the control and found it a long climb to the top. I went up the right hand gully and sped off up Black Hill. The marshal at Black Hill counted me 14th ("Third counter for the first team lad"). Thus inspired by a number of yellow vests to the rear I was off down to the mast at some speed overtaking one more before the final 'mile and a half' (Norman Berry's distance - a little understatedl). The Dark Peak raiding team carried off most of the prizes on the table with Alan being the first V45 and Maggie 3rd lady. But it was, after all, just a day for a jog.

Ed Hutt
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1A. Styan02:19:33   
2Andy Harmer02:20:18Dark PeakMV40 
5Bob Berzins02:28:58Dark PeakM 
14Ed Hutt02:38:57Dark PeakM 
33Alan Yates02:49:52Dark PeakMV45 
34B. Sprakes02:51:20   
62M. Gallagher03:28:57   

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