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Dark Peak Fell Runners
3h • 2/06/2020 • 11:49

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 1/06/2020 • 7:59

Moorland Monitors
1d • 31/05/2020 • 20:14

luke cook
2d • 30/05/2020 • 20:00

Charlie Massey
2d • 30/05/2020 • 18:44

Stuart Walker
3d • 30/05/2020 • 13:02

Si Brown
4d • 28/05/2020 • 15:45

Paul Besley
4d • 28/05/2020 • 15:41

Dark Peak Fell Runners
5d • 27/05/2020 • 18:10

Helen Elmore
5d • 27/05/2020 • 16:10

Rosie Watson
6d • 26/05/2020 • 16:57

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6d • 26/05/2020 • 16:19

Dark Peak Fell Runners
7d • 26/05/2020 • 12:04

Dark Peak Fell Runners
7d • 26/05/2020 • 12:02

Dark Peak Fell Runners
8d • 24/05/2020 • 23:05

Dark Peak Fell Runners
8d • 24/05/2020 • 20:30

St Piran Badger Protection
9d • 23/05/2020 • 21:49

Dark Peak Fell Runners
11d • 21/05/2020 • 23:04

From the Photos page


Edale Skyline on Sunday 25th March 1990

Having hobbled at Howarth, the Edale Skyline a week later seemed totally out of the question for me. I gave the knees a testing workout with a gentle four mile trundle round Burbage valley on the intervening Wednesday and declared myself possibly fit (though not fully recovered from celebrating reaching vet. status 2 days earlier).

Conditions for the Skyline were as good as you could wish for, the knees held out and, as did most, I managed a pb. Even so, I came in just after the third dog. Tim (Mackey) had volunteered to marshal and spent a couple of hours at coffin rock, as sick as the proverbial macaw at not being able to repeat his Skyline party piece of aimlessly staggering in swampy circles around Brown Knoll until someone gives him a Mars Bar.

Kev Borman
377 starters
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329C. Fielding04:26:14   
316Mike Browell04:16:29Dark PeakM 
311T. Rodgers04:12:38   
302Dave Jones04:05:56Dark PeakMV40 
291A. Ireland04:00:01   
286Jim Fulton03:58:34Dark PeakM 
275G. Goldsmith03:52:41   
262Frank Galbraith03:50:24Dark PeakMV55 
260M. Simms03:49:50   
254Kevin Borman03:48:10Dark PeakMV40 
251Neil Piper03:46:41Dark PeakMV40 
249John Herbert03:46:20Dark PeakM 
221P. Kohn03:40:18   
209Jeff Harrison03:37:21Dark PeakMV50 
194Mark Harvey03:32:13Dark PeakM 
184John Armistead03:29:34Dark PeakMV45 
181C. Stamp03:28:52   
180R. Sanby03:28:44   
174Alan Jones03:27:01Dark PeakMV40 
154A. Pryor03:22:12   

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