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Dark Peak Fell Runners
14h • 19/11/2019 • 16:16

Dark Peak Fell Runners
18h • 19/11/2019 • 11:30

Dark Peak Fell Runners
19h • 19/11/2019 • 11:25

Dark Peak Fell Runners
19h • 19/11/2019 • 11:24

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 18/11/2019 • 17:50

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 17/11/2019 • 17:56

Joe Wade
2d • 17/11/2019 • 12:40

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 17/11/2019 • 7:47

Coldhouse Collective
4d • 16/11/2019 • 5:23

Dark Peak Fell Runners
4d • 15/11/2019 • 10:12

David Holmes
5d • 14/11/2019 • 11:26

Friends of the Peak
5d • 14/11/2019 • 8:57

Rach FindlayRobinson
7d • 12/11/2019 • 9:06

9d • 10/11/2019 • 10:38

Dominic Watts
13d • 6/11/2019 • 15:42

Summit Fever Media
13d • 6/11/2019 • 8:45

Coldhouse Collective
15d • 4/11/2019 • 13:58

George Fisher Ltd
16d • 3/11/2019 • 10:02

George Fisher Ltd
16d • 3/11/2019 • 10:01

From the Photos page


Hallam Chase on Monday 28th May 1990

A cool damp evening for, what is reputed to be, Britain's oldest fell race. However the earlier light rain had done little to affect the hard ground. Den Bank was as exciting as ever with little grip on the dusty path over the edge. Alan Yates stormed up Den Bank to take the lead with just half a mile remaining but Steel City Striders found the final road section in their favour and Alan eventually finished fourth.

More than one person from Hallamshire and Sheffield AC pronounced Shaun Hird as unbeatable before the race. Dark Peakers knew better having seen Mike Jubb's record on Back Tor a few weeks earlier. Mike finished over 30 seconds ahead of Shaun and was less than thirty seconds from winning the handicap race itself. Unfortunately, plans to redevelop Hallam Sports Ground for housing threatens the future of this race.
47 starters
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1J. Gregory00:25:03  20th fastest
4Alan Yates00:25:55Dark PeakMV4526
5Mike Jubb00:21:29Dark PeakM1
8Graham Berry00:23:40Dark PeakMV456
11Ed Hutt00:24:43Dark PeakM13
16David Holmes00:24:57Dark PeakM17
23Jim Fulton00:27:05Dark PeakM34
24C. Stamp00:24:47  15
27Peter Dyke00:28:12Dark PeakMV4038
31M. McKenzie00:27:19  35
33T. Trowbridge00:26:05  28
34Will McLewin00:28:43Dark PeakMV5039
35Mike Pedley00:26:16Dark PeakM29
36Roger Baumeister00:27:36Dark PeakMV4536

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