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Stuart Walker
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Warts' Revenge on Sunday 29th November 2009

It was a bit clagged in and damp on Houndkirk on Sunday, the stream at Burbage bridge was flowing almost to the top, Daryl’s cattlegrid was a foot below water. 38 hardy souls ran into the clag in the wettest conditions ever for this James Fulton & Son sponsored Advent Wart’s Revenge.

Many of us lesser mortals particularly enjoyed being overtaken on the climb to Higger Tor by Messrs Northrop, Patton & Taylor who took the Redmires route (current Pertex holder pls note), I rarely see them after the Start, never mind 30 minutes into the race.

Post race debrief and results were sorted in the Sportsman ready for prizegiving after a couple of pints. At this point that it was noted that Jim Orrel had still not finished so it seemed rather inappropriate to present the Jim Orrel memorial trophy without knowing what had happened to him.

Ken Jones, Tim Mackey, Tom & Kev Saville and the Organiser (who does not exist) returned to the Finish to see Jim O finishing, he could not understand why we were worried, but was suitably grateful for our concern. Back to the Sportsman for more beer, chips & Electrically orientated prizes given for various reasons, mostly nothing to do with fell running. Thanks to all who turned up, Steve for finishing order and partial results due to deconfiguration of the paper & pencil recording in the lashing rain.

Jim Fulton (Established 1930)

Cold, clag, sleet and wet wet wet!! Ian Winterburn sneeked a well earned victory today in the latest running of the Warts Revenge as Neil, Dave and myself went walkabout on route from Ruud Hill to Burbage bridge. Take a look at my GPS track on google earth to see the complete dogs dinner that we made of it. Needless to say that by the time we got to Burbage bridge we were well and truly at the back of the field and try as we might we couldn’t quite catch Ian. Karen finished in 4th with Mr Moore close behind closely followed by Dave. Despite the weather I think there might have been a record turnout.

Simon Patton
38 starters
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1Ian Winterburn01:21:10Dark PeakMV40 
2Neil Northrop01:23:15Dark PeakM 
3Simon Patton01:23:30Dark PeakMV40 
4Karen Dalton01:23:39Dark PeakW 
5Andrew Moore Dark PeakMV50 
6Dave Sykes Dark PeakM 
7Dave Allen Dark PeakMV50 
8Simon Bacsich Dark PeakM 
9Ron Fawcett Dark PeakMV50 
10Andy Barnett Dark PeakMV45 
11Ashley Kay01:26:00Dark PeakMV50 
12Ray Foley    
13Steve Matthews01:28:34Dark PeakMV40 
14David Taylor Dark PeakMV40 
15Willy Kitchen01:30:16Dark PeakMV40 
16Greg Rimmer Dark PeakMV45 
17Tim Hawley Dark PeakMV50 
18Tom Saville01:31:00Dark PeakM 
19Kevin Saville01:32:00Dark PeakMV45 
20David Holmes Dark PeakMV50 

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