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Dark Peak Fell Runners
2h • 20/11/2019 • 7:46

Dark Peak Fell Runners
17h • 19/11/2019 • 16:16

Dark Peak Fell Runners
22h • 19/11/2019 • 11:30

Dark Peak Fell Runners
22h • 19/11/2019 • 11:25

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 18/11/2019 • 17:50

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 17/11/2019 • 17:56

Joe Wade
2d • 17/11/2019 • 12:40

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3d • 17/11/2019 • 7:47

Coldhouse Collective
4d • 16/11/2019 • 5:23

David Holmes
5d • 14/11/2019 • 11:26

Friends of the Peak
6d • 14/11/2019 • 8:57

Rach FindlayRobinson
8d • 12/11/2019 • 9:06

9d • 10/11/2019 • 10:38

Dominic Watts
13d • 6/11/2019 • 15:42

Summit Fever Media
14d • 6/11/2019 • 8:45

Coldhouse Collective
15d • 4/11/2019 • 13:58

George Fisher Ltd
17d • 3/11/2019 • 10:02

George Fisher Ltd
17d • 3/11/2019 • 10:01

From the Photos page


Three Peaks on Sunday 25th April 2004

This was the 50th running of the event, with a very large entry. The first hot day of the year, with the inevitable problems. The long stretch to Ribblehead seemed to drag on and on, and a lot of cramp around at the top of Whernside. A long, fading drop off Ingleborough, past that signpost with false hopes of a short 1.5ml back. An achievement for anyone who stayed the course on such a hot, tiring day. Special congratulations to Alice for bringing home the Ladies team.
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82Dave Tait03:52:56Dark PeakMV55 
90Dave Allen03:55:11Dark PeakMV45 
100Andrew Moore03:59:03Dark PeakMV40 
101Gavin Williams03:59:15Dark PeakMV40 
167Alice Brockington04:16:17Dark PeakW 
190Richard Hopkinson04:20:57Dark PeakMV55 
220Andy Harmer04:28:14Dark PeakMV55 
236Roger Slater04:32:55Dark PeakMV45 
237Phillipa Leach04:33:02Dark PeakWV40 
273Ken Jones04:40:11Dark PeakMV55 
276Darrell Bradbury04:41:02   
284Helen Thorburn04:42:31Dark PeakW 
341Alan Jones04:57:25Dark PeakMV55 
366Rob Evans05:02:25Dark PeakMV40 
382Chris Brad05:13:12Dark PeakMV60 
391Chris Edwards05:16:26Dark PeakM 
Lynn BlandDark PeakW 

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