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Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 26/02/2020 • 14:52

Dark Peak Fell Runners
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Dark Peak Fell Runners
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Dark Peak Fell Runners
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19d • 8/02/2020 • 13:43

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20d • 7/02/2020 • 12:54

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Club Championships on Saturday 8th November 1986

Well, another successful club champs gone and again -fine weather - when will it end? It's even more of a challenge when the mist is down as many people will admit — Rob Pearson and Al Bradley in 1982 leading on the last crossing then going astray and finishing 7th and 8th; many people have missed the Downfall and ran off towards Mill Hill; others have come out to the north of Grindsbrook; and some have even run to Crookstone Knoll. We must be due for some foul weather next year? Most improved performance must go to Tim Daniel, who after last years epic got his act together and finished a good 12th - perhaps he's actually learnt how to use a compass. The only noticeable blunder this year seems to have that of Pete Gorvett who lost about 10 minutes on the last crossing — I told him NOT to take a map !
The club champion this year is Frank Galbraith (45th) who ran exceptionally well to record a time of 1.36.25 and he claims he's only been running for 18 months. Just goes to show what a year of running with Dark Peak can do for you. The outright winner Malcolm, as he often seems to do, ran away from the rest of the field up the first hill and never looked back recording an excellent time for the conditions, which had they been better would have almost certainly seen the record being broken. Similarly Chez's time was only about 2 minutes outside of Sally Sahni's record, and this too would have probably been broken if the weather had been better. As for the vets, I think Ray Aucott holds the record of 1.55.55, but I may be wrong, and this looks like it may remain for a quite some time.
Thanks are due to all the marshalls (sorry, can't remember any names), Mary Sant and Louise Brown on the start/finish and anyone else I've forgotten.
71 starters
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1Malcolm Patterson01:11:09Dark PeakM 
2R Pearson01:13:58   
3Tim Tett01:14:49Dark PeakM 
4Andy Harmer01:16:12Dark PeakM 
5T Farnell01:18:17   
6D Sant01:20:12   
7Graham Berry01:21:28Dark PeakMV40 
8R Aucott01:21:40   
9G Sellens01:22:03   
10C Hughes01:22:59   
11Keith Tonkin01:23:02Dark PeakM 
12T Daniels01:23:17   
13David Holmes01:24:33Dark PeakM 
14T Dennish01:24:59   
15Frank Thomas01:26:00Dark PeakMV40 
16A Riley01:26:29   
17Pete Lewis01:26:55Dark PeakM 
18Andy Bell01:27:19Dark PeakM 
19Mike Pedley01:28:10Dark PeakM 
20G Band01:28:37   

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