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Bart Shaw
2h • 24/09/2018 • 15:16

Stuart Walker
2h • 24/09/2018 • 15:06

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6h • 24/09/2018 • 11:46

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6h • 24/09/2018 • 11:38

Dark Peak Fell Runners
9h • 24/09/2018 • 8:38

Dark Peak Fell Runners
9h • 24/09/2018 • 8:17

john kilcoyne
20h • 23/09/2018 • 21:45

David Holmes
20h • 23/09/2018 • 21:14

Dark Peak Fell Runners
20h • 23/09/2018 • 21:13

20h • 23/09/2018 • 21:08

Dark Peak Fell Runners
23h • 23/09/2018 • 18:34

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 23/09/2018 • 16:12

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 23/09/2018 • 16:07

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 23/09/2018 • 16:05

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 23/09/2018 • 7:39

Pete Wallroth
2d • 22/09/2018 • 17:54

Pete Bland Sports
4d • 19/09/2018 • 19:45

Gareth Briggs
4d • 19/09/2018 • 19:35

Stuart Walker
4d • 19/09/2018 • 19:06

From the Photos page


Back Tor and Back on Monday 28th April 1986

Each time we run this race the conditions seem to get worse, but the "quality" of the field improves. This time over 75% finished within 30 minutes. Making competitors actually run around the trig earns the marshal 1 an endless stream of abuse, but watching the routes chosen provides plenty of fun to compensate for a very wet and windy spot in which to stand. For the record, whilst most competitors ended up on their hands and knees, one person "ran through" the checkpoint without breaking his stride thus demonstrating yet again the virtues of local Knowledge. Congratulations to the winners; Rob Pearson, Clare Crofts and especially Dave Cartwright of Penistone, who came in 3rd overall and demolished the previous veterans record. Andy Moffatt's 4th place only 37 seconds behind Rob also deserves a special mention as he ran out to the start from Lodge Moor over the fells carrying an enormous rucsac (though 1 believe he took it off for the race!). Many thanks to all who turned up to run. Next year we'll be switching to Wednesday 29th April as agreed

Pete Kohn
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1R Pearson00:22:57   
2K Manning00:23:16   
3D Cartwright00:23:25   
4A Moffatt00:23:34   
5P Murray00:24:07   
14I Wainwright00:36:17   
17T Daniel00:26:38   
18T Trowbridge00:26:55   
19K Lowry00:27:01   
20M Meysner00:27:05   
23R Barker00:27:28   
25T Norris00:27:34   
28N Forwood00:28:38   
32C Crofts00:30:05   
36T Sayles00:33:18   
7Graham Berry00:24:35Dark PeakMV40 
13Billy Wilson00:26:13Dark PeakM 
22David Bird00:27:25Dark PeakM 
24Howard Swindells00:27:34Dark PeakM 

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