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9d • 21/09/2020 • 8:26

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10d • 20/09/2020 • 18:23

James Pierce (Drugtrain)
10d • 20/09/2020 • 15:00

Charlie Massey
10d • 20/09/2020 • 9:28

From the Photos page


Hope on Tuesday 1st July 1986

The record book was totally rewritten as Malcolm, Graham and Clare pasted new times; the latter shaved a mere 4 minutes o-f-f Chez's old record.
James Brown had a great start and shook me as I only just pipped him to the knoll; Male had passed some time before. At the trig Male seemed to go off towards the Snake bridge; rumours of a new route or disorientation have yet to be established. I thought I might steal the lead as a consequence of this strange behaviour but Male flew along the edge and went on to beat the record whilst I was very pleased to beat the half hour.
Graham's record run was a significant improvement on his old time, but when Tony and Bob get to work this could yet be lowered to 31.
As usual people were still talking at the weekend of aching thighs; only the descent in the Ulasdale off Lingmell nose compares. John Edwards had a potter round to symbolize his gesture to the pheonix thet there are still embers in the ashes! Nice to see you out John.

Andy Harmer
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1M Bishop00:24:19   
2Micah Wilson00:24:33Dark PeakM 
6Malcolm Patterson00:25:50Dark PeakM 
11A Moffatt00:26:29   
16T Daniel00:26:57   
19Bob Toogood00:27:06Dark PeakMV40 
20Graham Berry00:27:15Dark PeakMV40 
26G Sellens00:27:53   
31Bob Berzins00:28:02Dark PeakM 
32G Band00:28:03   
38David Holmes00:28:22Dark PeakM 
41A Riley00:28:31   
43P Collingwood00:28:35   
54Pete Lewis00:29:13Dark PeakM 
62Phil Guerrier00:29:39Dark PeakMV40 
64Alan Yates00:29:47Dark PeakMV40 
66C Hughes00:29:52   
70Dave Jones00:29:58Dark PeakM 
75T Norris00:30:19   
79W Lightfoot00:30:25   

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