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Dark Peak Fell Runners
10m • 12/12/2019 • 9:25

Dark Peak Fell Runners
13m • 12/12/2019 • 9:21

Graham Brown
38m • 12/12/2019 • 8:56

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1h • 12/12/2019 • 8:21

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 10/12/2019 • 19:16

Joe Wade
2d • 9/12/2019 • 21:57

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 9/12/2019 • 19:10

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3d • 8/12/2019 • 18:09

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3d • 8/12/2019 • 17:50

Dark Peak Fell Runners
4d • 7/12/2019 • 18:44

Stuart Walker
6d • 5/12/2019 • 19:53

David Holmes
6d • 5/12/2019 • 19:31

Stuart Walker
6d • 5/12/2019 • 19:21

roger walters
10d • 1/12/2019 • 17:16

roger walters
10d • 1/12/2019 • 16:02

12d • 29/11/2019 • 15:34

Mark Taylor
12d • 29/11/2019 • 15:08

Dean Read
12d • 29/11/2019 • 12:40

From the Photos page


Coniston on Saturday 4th May 2013

The Ladies team took the team prize.

Decided to do Coniston again and it appears to have got steeper since 2009. It’s a climb from Coniston to Weatherlam, Swirl How, Old Man & back to the village. I managed to fall and take a lump out of both knees and an arm on the only boulder in sight which convinced me I couldn’t descend safely after that, consequently finishing 17 minutes slower than last time, a remarkable effort in just 7½ miles. I wasn’t helped by my dog Billy who spotted me en-route and joined in to do the last 2 miles with me. Stayed up for the evening and went drinking Coniston Bluebird with Tod Harriers, it rained all Sunday – the exception to the rest of Great Britain which basked in Mediterranean temperatures.

Jim Fulton
247 starters
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1Darren Kay01:11:32   
3Lloyd Taggart01:11:56Dark PeakMV40 
13Simon Patton01:21:44Dark PeakMV45 
15Stephen Pyke01:21:46Dark PeakMV45 
33Mike Robinson01:27:38Dark PeakMV40 
49Ashley Kay01:30:30Dark PeakMV50 
52Judith Jepson01:30:43Dark PeakWV45 
70Roy Gibson01:35:16Dark PeakMV50 
77Dave Sykes01:36:25Dark PeakM 
111Kirsty Bryan-Jones01:44:52Dark PeakWV40 
113Jenny Caddick01:45:11Dark PeakWV40 
175Richard Hopkinson01:56:47Dark PeakMV65 
195Martin Smith02:01:25Dark PeakMV50 
218Trevor Milner02:09:51Dark PeakMV55 
228Jim Fulton02:13:09Dark PeakMV55 
243Fliss Milner02:31:25Dark PeakWV45 

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