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Dark Peak Fell Runners
1h • 24/02/2020 • 19:48

Dark Peak Fell Runners
11h • 24/02/2020 • 9:16

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 23/02/2020 • 18:41

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 22/02/2020 • 20:47

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 22/02/2020 • 20:42

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 22/02/2020 • 19:03

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 22/02/2020 • 18:56

Terje Håkstad
16d • 8/02/2020 • 13:43

16d • 8/02/2020 • 13:42

16d • 8/02/2020 • 10:57

Nathan Lawson
17d • 7/02/2020 • 12:54

17d • 7/02/2020 • 12:17

Grand Day Out
21d • 3/02/2020 • 17:22

25d • 30/01/2020 • 10:22

Masters Grand Prix
27d • 28/01/2020 • 9:44

From the Photos page


Buckden Pike on Saturday 15th June 2013

Looks like Ambleside may have just pipped us to the overall team prize, but certainly a victory for the FV40 team, first FV40 for Judith, and a fine set of results from all concerned.  Gold medals for both men's and women's teams in the Yorks Champs, it is rumoured.

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1S Bailey00:31:07   Men
4Lloyd Taggart00:31:50Dark PeakMV40 Men
9Stuart Bond00:33:10Dark PeakM Men
11Oli Johnson00:33:26Dark PeakM Men
16Rhys Findlay-Robinson00:33:34Dark PeakM Men
26Rob Little00:34:06Dark PeakM Men
28Tom Brunt00:34:14Dark PeakMV40 Men
45David Taylor00:35:33Dark PeakMV45 Men
53Will Boothman00:36:17Dark PeakM Men
54Stephen Pyke00:36:18Dark PeakMV45 Men
55Adam Taylor00:36:19Dark PeakM Men
67John Hunt00:37:27Dark PeakMV45 Men
86Tom Saville00:38:31Dark PeakM Men
100David Lund00:39:33Dark PeakM Men
101Simon Reed00:39:43Dark PeakMV50 Men
129Jon Pemberton00:41:24Dark PeakM Men
137Roy Gibson00:41:41Dark PeakMV50 Men
149Keith Holmes00:42:38Dark PeakMV55 Men
157Dicky Wilkinson00:43:38Dark PeakMV50 Men
176Mark Salkild00:44:23Dark PeakMV50 Men

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