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7d • 6/11/2019 • 15:42

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11d • 2/11/2019 • 14:25

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Malhamdale on Saturday 2nd January 2016

A record 24 people braved the worst the Yorkshire weather could throw at them – actually not as bad as forecast – on a return visit to Malham for Tim's race over Great Close Hill, to the bottom of the Cove, the top of the Cove, up Gordale Scar and back over Great Close Hill. The underfoot conditions were very wet with the limestone paths slippery but not as slippery as the grass where many people's skating technique and balance were woefully lacking resulting in some very muddy bums. The approach to Gordale Scar revealed the recent flood damage on the approach – the campsite now turned into a gravel pit – before the ascent of the waterfall itself which was the wettest its ever been but just passable.

There were no records this year. At the sharp end Phil Winskill was 2nd again (for the 3rd time?) to a resurgent Pete Hodges by 6 seconds. The minor places saw a good scrap between the Patton brothers and two under 20s – Michael (son of Charlie Adams) outsprinting Simon. Alasdair (son of Mike Pedley) ran the Crookstone recently and looks to become a useful addition to the club's U23 members. Further down the field Roy Small claimed the V60 Trophy and 3 women (a record) brought up the rear crossing the finish line in unison. Richard Hakes, despite running the race half a dozen times managed to visit the checkpoints in the wrong order and get disqualified.

Tim Tett, RO

Childrens Race


Euan Patton


new boys record


Jonah Patton


new boys record


Ffion Patton


new girls record


Alex Crawshaw



Emil Howell



Robbie Lightfoot


24 starters
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1Pete Hodges01:05:55Dark PeakM 
2Phil Winskill01:06:01 V40 
3Michael Adams01:08:55 U20 
4Simon Patton01:09:13Dark PeakMV45 
5Richard Patton01:11:09Dark PeakMV45 
6Alasdair Pedley01:11:20 U18 
7Phil Murray01:12:49 V50 
8Neil Northrop01:14:37Dark PeakM 
9Tim Tett01:16:34Dark PeakMV55 
10Charlie Adams01:23:26 V50 
11Rob Davison01:26:27 V50 
12Mark Chapman01:27:59 V50 
13Steve Dempsey01:31:28 V50 
14Simon Martland01:33:17 V50 
15Neil Conway01:34:37 V40 
16Tom Westgate01:44:32Dark PeakMV55 
17Roy Small01:46:04Dark PeakMV60 
18David Hood01:49:06 V60 
19Sam Crawshaw01:52:55 U12 
19Paul Taylor01:52:55 V50 

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