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Rivelin Skyline on Saturday 5th November 2016

A fine sunny, if increasingly chill, autumn blast around a surprisingly varied set of trails, paths and a wee bit of open moorland. Dave Lund was in his element as RO - albeit his approach to rule-making/keeping proved to be about as consistent as his navigation - and whilst the calendar has done his best to make sense of the results in line with the RO's wishes (e.g. recording the times of all comers on a variety of dates), he has drawn the line at recording finishing times for those who knowingly missed checkpoints (bah humbug). The Rivelin Hotel proved to be a surprisingly pleasant after race venue, with a particularly good two-for meal deal affording the opportunity to dine on giant Yorkshire pudding and roast something for £2.50 a throw ... something the organiser of the Not the Nationals would do well to note for future reference.

And the RO, proving he's not just a pretty face, writes:

On a recce with Josh and Ralph, we accidently stumbled across the Ruby Stone and decided that after its recent feature in dark peak news it would be a good checkpoint for the race along with Headstone and Rodmoor Trig. This info was posted on Facebook and thus became gospel, as was the suggestion that the route would be taped; the latter rumour however turned out to be false, much to everyone's delight.

Race day was a cold but sunny November morning and 13 hardy fell runners stood round the 'dead sycamore tree' ready to run hard and sweat! After patiently waiting for a few minutes it became apparent that Willy and Dave Holmes were not going to stop talking so Kris gave me a nudge to start the race. The athletes set off in a stampede with Josh Williams immediately taking the lead and storming round in a very impressive time just outside of Tim Tett's record (which was most likely from the 70s). I had tried to hold on to Josh but started to slip away after the first road crossing. Some of the locals with knowledge of the area had the advantage which Dave Holmes took by going for the warting line at Wyming Brook and coming back with his legs all bloody and cut as proof – it did save him some valuable time though. Richard Bradbury, another local, caught up with me somewhere around this point having also taken a better line; after making some comment about the RO not knowing the way round his own race, Richard then proceeded to leave the path and take to the moors towards the Headstone. I advised him to go to the Ruby Stone (the first checkpoint) but he ignored me and continued on his own path, thus becoming the architect of his own misfortune.

Josh was victorious and had breezed round the course (visiting all the checkpoints) finishing 6 minutes ahead of Rich who had finished 5 minutes ahead of me, so I took great delight in disqualifying Rich for not visiting the 1st checkpoint. Kris Groom was next in, sporting an Achilles injury, with local lad Adam only seconds behind. After 20 minutes everyone had finished including the prestigious Willy Kitchen who came running in muttering something about going for a wander after not finding the Ruby Stone and refused to record his time on the sheet.

During the post-race analysis in the car park I overheard that some passing walkers had commented "oh look there must be some kind of fun run going on" which I thought was funny. I also discovered that quite a few people had not visited the elected checkpoints mostly because they were unable to locate the Ruby Stone - so not wanting to disqualify half of the field, I made a new rule that if you at least tried to find the Ruby Stone that was good enough and you would only be disqualified if you didn't try, which I think only applied to 3 people. Having calmed down I remembered that Mr Bradbury is such a lovely man, I couldn't possibly punish him and therefore would have to treat everyone else the same way and no one would be disqualified - much to Willy's objection [ed. - readers will note that the calendar continues to refuse to implement this ruling; you'll have to speak with the webmaster, Dave :-)]

Back in the pub we were joined by the illustrious club handicapper AKA Tikka Cat for prize giving and various plant cuttings, seedlings, home-grown garlic along with off-cuts of strimmer wire and twine were awarded to the winners of various categories.

Big thanks to everyone who came to race, to Tim Tett for the route and Willy for letting me have the honour of being a RO [more fool me; ed.].

15 starters
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4Adam Micklethwaite01:28:40Dark PeakM 
5David Holmes01:34:55Dark PeakMV60 
2David Lund01:27:35Dark PeakM 
8Dominic Watts01:42:11Dark PeakMV45 
11Jim Paxman01:48:59Dark PeakMV55 
1Josh Williams01:16:30Dark PeakM 
12Keith Holmes01:56:17Dark PeakMV60Ran on Sunday 6th
3Kristian Groom01:28:20Dark PeakM 
Martin Evans Dark PeakMV50Second loser - missed Head Stone
10Paul Walwyn01:44:13Dark PeakM 
Richard Bradbury Dark PeakMV45First loser - missed Ruby Stone
9Robert Moore01:43:45Dark PeakMV45 
7Simon Dixon01:37:31Dark PeakMV45 
6Tim Rutter01:36:23Dark PeakMRan on Monday 31st October
Willy Kitchen Dark PeakMV45Third loser - missed Ruby Stone, Head Stone and Rod Moor Trig. Top effort.

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