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Dark Peak Fell Runners
8h • 26/05/2019 • 12:11

Dark Peak Fell Runners
9h • 26/05/2019 • 11:46

David Holmes
12h • 26/05/2019 • 9:00

Dark Peak Fell Runners
12h • 26/05/2019 • 8:50

Dark Peak Fell Runners
12h • 26/05/2019 • 8:43

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 25/05/2019 • 19:11

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 25/05/2019 • 18:57

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 25/05/2019 • 18:56

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 25/05/2019 • 18:46

Emily's Wild Adventures
1d • 25/05/2019 • 8:19

Jon pemberton
2d • 24/05/2019 • 18:21

2d • 24/05/2019 • 16:34

Dominic Watts
2d • 24/05/2019 • 16:32

The Dragon
2d • 24/05/2019 • 14:41

Richard A Needham
2d • 24/05/2019 • 11:37

Fell Running Briefs
3d • 23/05/2019 • 21:01

The Dragon
3d • 23/05/2019 • 18:49

Mark Burton
3d • 23/05/2019 • 9:29

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Longshaw Sheepdog Trials on Saturday 9th September 2017

In the words of the organiser "the forecast light drizzle filled the finish clock/printer" so there are a lot of runners without times. If you recorded your time please let the race organiser know at email or use the contact form and send to the webmaster to forward it on.

Update Sat 16th. - the printer finally spat out times for positions 103 - 179, so most people now have a time. As a result of the update it's possible your time has changed slightly if you are in that range of finish positions.

Dark Peak members without a time will not get Local League points, as there is no way of calculating them, sorry.

214 starters
Click the to see results for the athlete in all results for this event, click the name for all known results for the athlete
1Stuart Bond00:40:52Dark PeakM40 
2Aidan Smith00:43:15Hallamshire HarriersMSEN 
3Pete Hodges00:43:51Dark PeakMSEN 
4Malcolm Johnson00:44:17Stockport HarriersM40 
5Jordan Street00:44:22Clowne RRMSEN 
6James Rose00:44:29Steel City StridersMSEN 
7Tim Rutter00:44:39Dark PeakMSEN 
8Adam Taylor00:45:01Dark PeakMSEN 
9Paul Sorrell00:45:47Ripley RCM40 
10Joseph Wade00:45:56Dark PeakMSEN 
11Sam Needham00:46:48Steel City StridersMSEN 
12Rob Pilling00:46:53Porter ValleyM40 
13Damian Kilpin00:47:05Penistone FPRM40 
14Ian Ridgeway00:47:16Buxton ACMSEN 
15Michael Tompkins00:47:33Porter ValleyMSEN 
16Simon Conroy00:49:01Dark PeakM40 
17Alistair Nash00:49:10Saltaire StridersM45 
18Mathew Sedgwick00:49:13Totley ACM45 
19Andrew Mothershaw00:49:19BeestonMSEN 
20Hazel Farnell00:49:27Totley ACWSEN 

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