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Dark Peak Fell Runners
11h • 17/11/2019 • 17:56

Joe Wade
16h • 17/11/2019 • 12:40

Dark Peak Fell Runners
21h • 17/11/2019 • 7:47

Dark Peak Fell Runners
21h • 17/11/2019 • 7:45

Coldhouse Collective
2d • 16/11/2019 • 5:23

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 15/11/2019 • 10:12

Dark Peak Fell Runners
3d • 15/11/2019 • 2:02

David Holmes
3d • 14/11/2019 • 11:26

Friends of the Peak
3d • 14/11/2019 • 8:57

Rach FindlayRobinson
5d • 12/11/2019 • 9:06

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6d • 11/11/2019 • 11:24

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6d • 11/11/2019 • 7:39

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6d • 11/11/2019 • 7:31

7d • 10/11/2019 • 10:38

Dominic Watts
11d • 6/11/2019 • 15:42

Summit Fever Media
11d • 6/11/2019 • 8:45

Coldhouse Collective
13d • 4/11/2019 • 13:58

George Fisher Ltd
14d • 3/11/2019 • 10:02

George Fisher Ltd
14d • 3/11/2019 • 10:01

From the Photos page


Fairholmes Night Race on Wednesday 18th October 2017

Another excellent run by Neil, followed by Rich Hunt/Bradbury on a challenging night for navigation. There was some very tight packing in the middle ,which probably helped a number of runners to find their way. Well done to the solo efforts ,further back in the field ,it was a lonely affair ,especially as in the case of the 'sweepers'! who chose to go into 'unnamed clough' to the West of Cogman . The turnout was staggering, biggest field for a night race. If the 'original' route had been raced the field would have been even tighter back from Salt Cellar.

NB. look out for more escapades in the dark when Bob's race takes place from Snake bridge at the end of November


33 starters
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1Neil Northrop00:56:14Dark PeakMSEN 
2Richard Hunt00:59:48Dark PeakM40 
3Richard Bradbury01:00:03Dark PeakM45 
4Bob Johnston01:04:13Dark PeakM40 
5Dave Sykes01:10:07Dark PeakM40 
6Ian Winterburn01:11:50Dark PeakM50 
7Jack Foxall01:14:09Dark PeakM40 
8Paul Walwyn01:15:00Dark PeakMSEN 
9Tim Ray01:15:01Dark PeakM40 
10Callum Wadsworth01:16:15   
11James Lowe01:16:16Dark PeakMU23 
12Jim Paxman01:16:21Dark PeakM55 
13Simon Rippon01:16:25Dark PeakM50 
14Martyn Jones01:16:30Dark PeakM45 
15Tom Westgate01:16:40Dark PeakM55 
16David Holmes01:16:40Dark PeakM60 
17Richard Baxter01:17:11   
18Penny Collier01:18:26Dark PeakW50 
19Peter Gorvett01:18:41Dark PeakM70 
20Steve Wathall01:24:00Dark PeakM55 

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