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7h • 4/08/2020 • 23:36

sally fawcett
1d • 3/08/2020 • 10:39

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 2/08/2020 • 23:10

Michael Mills
2d • 2/08/2020 • 23:02

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 2/08/2020 • 22:57

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 2/08/2020 • 22:57

sally fawcett
2d • 2/08/2020 • 20:14

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Dark Peak Fell Runners
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Dark Peak Fell Runners
4d • 31/07/2020 • 11:50

Dark Peak Fell Runners
5d • 31/07/2020 • 5:58

Dark Peak Fell Runners
6d • 29/07/2020 • 14:15

James Pierce (Drugtrain)
23d • 12/07/2020 • 10:30

Fell Running Briefs
25d • 10/07/2020 • 10:00

Chris Barnes
26d • 9/07/2020 • 22:32

26d • 9/07/2020 • 17:55

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Burbage Summer Sharpener 1 on Wednesday 5th June 2019

When I’m setting out these courses, I always aim to ensure it will take more than outright speed to win the race. If I’ve got it right, the winner will of course be fast, but they will also have made the right choices and shown navigational savvy. So, no disrespect to the whippets but it was very satisfying for me to see Neil return from injury and put so much distance between himself and his chasers. I hope Neil drew just as much satisfaction from such an emphatic victory, using a control configuration that only two others emulated. For my money, he pretty much nailed the optimum route. Control 2 was much easier to locate and attack from above, and coming off it downhill allowed a powerful striding descent to the packhorse bridge. Finishing with a drop to 3 then allowed a quick hack across the stream to pick up an easy path back up to the car park. Current whippet-in-chief Tom surged round in style, but on a very different route. His decision to endlessly reinspect Control 2 meant that Callum nipped in for third place. Powerful performance from Kirsty as first woman. Let’s see if the decision to double the female beer prize produces a bigger field from the girls in the next race. Times were generally a bit faster than I expected, so I might have to push up the gnarliness for the next one.


24 starters
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1Neil Northrop00:48:22Dark PeakMSENsequence:12453, 20 points
2Tom Brunt00:51:38Dark PeakM45sequence:12453, 19 points
3Calum Wadsworth00:54:19Dark PeakMSENsequence:34521, 18 points
4Tom Saville00:54:39Dark PeakMSENsequence:3452221, 17 points
5Simon Mills00:59:38Dark PeakMSENsequence:12543, 16 points
6Kristian Groom01:00:30Dark PeakM40sequence:12543, 15 points
7Paul Walwyn01:00:53Dark PeakMSENsequence:12543, 14 points
8Steve Yeoman01:01:30Dark PeakMSENsequence:34521, 13 points
9Richard Baxter01:02:22Dark PeakM50sequence:12543, 12 points
10James Halse01:02:39Dark PeakM40sequence:12543, 11 points
11Tim Wiegand01:05:43Dark PeakM50sequence:34521, 10 points
12Kirsty Bryan-Jones01:07:59Dark PeakW45sequence:12453, 9 points
13Ian Challans01:09:49Dark PeakMSENsequence:12543, 8 points
14Peter Gorvett01:10:29Dark PeakM70sequence:34521, 7 points
15Rob Cole01:13:31Dark PeakMSENsequence:12543, 6 points
16Martyn Jones01:17:13Dark PeakM45sequence:12543, 5 points
17Lucy Wiegand01:20:22Dark PeakW50sequence:34521, 4 points
18Harvey Brown01:20:28  sequence:34521, 3 points
19Keith Holmes01:24:28Dark PeakM65sequence:34521, 2 points
20Michael Bourne01:25:58Dark PeakM50sequence:12543, 1 points

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