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Fell Running Briefs
14h • 10/07/2020 • 10:00

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1d • 9/07/2020 • 22:32

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Chris Barnes
1d • 9/07/2020 • 0:53

podium 5k road race
2d • 8/07/2020 • 23:54

Lindsey Brindle
2d • 8/07/2020 • 22:55

adrian nicholls
2d • 8/07/2020 • 21:06

Eileen Jones
2d • 8/07/2020 • 20:53

Fell Running Briefs
2d • 8/07/2020 • 20:53

Fell Running Briefs
2d • 8/07/2020 • 20:50

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Dark Peak Fell Runners
8d • 2/07/2020 • 6:52

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Dark Peak Stones on Wednesday 24th July 2019

During the heat wave a most diverse range of club runners set off to the sounds of Bob Dylan getting stoned. The extremes of the club who were involved consisted of young whippets through to rather elderly greyhounds, including one with new knees. In order to comply with trendy inclusivity, there were a number of different start times before the official time of 6.45 at Burbage Bridge. The earliest being 5.00 from Fox House!

It was the second running of this particular route that included Ox Stones rather than Buck Stone, to avoid trampling on the wee birdies. It appears most people preferred this course as it provided greater route choice from White Stones across to Buck Stone and more varied terrain.

First runner home was Tom Saville in a record time 54.37 who received the Buck Stone trophy. Two minutes behind was last year’s winner Ollie Johnson, followed by Lova Checknik and Jack Foxall both finishing under 60 mins. Megan Wilson was first female in 63.40 and received the much talked about Cowper Stone trophy. Second female was Maggie Lewis who only turned up to return her offspring’s trophy but bravely decided to race and was suitably rewarded, also with a Cowper Stone trophy. Numerous other celebrities won White Stones including Dave Allen who has won so many in the past that he selects the one he wants and puts his name on it before the race. Keith Holmes once again painfully put in an admirable performance to claim the M65 category.

There was fierce competition for the coveted Rolling Stone Mick Jagger trophy awarded to the oldest runner not to win a category trophy. The winner was Roger Baumeister, productively using his bus pass he set off from Fox House on his NHS replacement knees and finished in a remarkable time of 3 hours. His rival, Jim Orrell proudly won the new Rolling Stone Keith Richards trophy which I hurriedly constructed when I realised both elderly greyhounds were running.

Ken Jones (RO)

18 starters
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Greg Rimmer Dark PeakM55 
1Tom Saville00:54:37Dark PeakMSEN1st M – Buck Stone
2Oli Johnson00:56:51Dark PeakM402nd M – Ox Stone
3Lova Chechik00:58:34Dark PeakMSEN3rd M – Barbed Wire Stone
4Jack Foxall00:59:39Dark PeakM404th M – Head Stone
5Neil Northrop01:02:41Dark PeakMSEN 
6Charlie Elliot01:03:47Dark PeakM45M45 - White Stone
7Megan Wilson01:03:50Dark PeakWSEN1st F – Cowper Stone (brown)
8Kristian Groom01:08:06Dark PeakM40M40 - White Stone
9Glen Borrell01:09:32Dark PeakM40 
10Paul Elliott01:10:00Dark PeakM40 
11Dave Allen01:10:15Dark PeakM60M50 – White Stone (personal stone)
12Jim Paxman01:17:57Dark PeakM60M60 – White Stone
13Mick Cochrane01:22:30Dark PeakM70M70 – White Stone
14Keith Holmes01:24:33Dark PeakM65M65 – White Stone
15Maggie Lewis01:55:00Dark PeakW602nd F – Cowper Stone (white)
16Jim Orrell02:05:00Dark PeakM70Rolling Stone (Keith Richards)
17Roger Baumeister03:00:00Dark PeakM75Rolling Stone (Mick Jagger)

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