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Solstice 42 TT - Men on Sunday 21st June 2020

The long-standing High Peak Marathon has been getting increasingly difficult to get permission for in its usual place of late February (and overnight). To the extent that permission was not granted this year, despite the herculean efforts of Richard Bradbury and Nicky Spinks. The advent of Lockdown and distancing requirements - which have prevented all other forms of organised running - presented a great opportunity to run this iconic route in a different format. Some 16 teams (failed to) line up for the start at the road crossing of their choice, on the day of their choice, at the time of their choice (between Friday and Sunday of the solstice weekend). There was a stipulation that runners in the same team had to observe the same start as the rest of their team though!

The weather proved a mixed bag. Friday was wet. Saturday was mostly sunny and Sunday had a bit of both.

The aberrations of summer conditions and daylight made this an entirely different proposition to the traditional HPM. It turns out there is a lot of running in this course, with a 15km section of (very much improved) bog in the middle.The bog got the last word though; swallowing Will whole a few steps before the firm made up paths return for the last section of the race.

Notable was Harriet’s outstanding win (overall), Hannah’s return to running after an absence of round-a-bout 5 years (give or take the odd Bradfield Boundary).Also pleasing to note is Willy’s return to the fray after a nasty bout of too much work.

Thanks are due to Ian Fitz for being cruel enough to induce us to do this. Rumours abound that he’salso cruel enough to do the same to us for the other solstice. That would raise the possibility of a Watershed/Boundary double for those with truly undissolvable feet.

For the record the course was:

CPs described here from a Hope start..

Lose hill SK153853

mam tor trig SK127836

Mam Nick road crossing

Lords Seat SK113834

brown Knoll trig SK084851

Mill Hill SK 061904

snake road crossing A57

Wain Stones SK092959

Swains Head SK133983

Outer Edge trig SK177970

Marg Hill trig SK189957

Back Tor trig SK198910

Cutthroat Bridge A57 SK 213873

snake road A57 (Moscar) SK231879

Stanage End SK 225864

Open shelter by stream (May contain treats!) SK216861

Yorkshire Bridge SK198849

Win hill trig SK187851

Fulwood lane fell gate SK171853


Combined results

Click the to see results for the athlete in all results for this event, click the name for all known results for the athlete
1Glen Borrell07:35:40Dark PeakM40Good Will Hunting
1Will Boothman07:35:40Dark PeakM40Good Will Hunting
3Tom Saville08:13:25Dark PeakMSENChildren of the Kevolution (with Hannah S)
4James Lowe08:53:01Dark PeakMSENThe Future is Bleak - Lowe
4Matt Harmon08:53:01Dark PeakMSENThe Future is Bleak - Lowe
4Calum Wadsworth08:53:01Dark PeakMSENThe Future is Bleak - Lowe
4Ben Kelsey08:53:01Dark PeakMSENThe Future is Bleak - Lowe
8Dan Stowers08:54:45Dark PeakM45The Agony of Defeet
8David Hakes08:54:45Dark PeakMSENThe Agony of Defeet
10Chris Lawson08:59:59Dark PeakM45The S7 Collective
10Dominic Watts08:59:59Dark PeakM50The S7 Collective
12Mark Whitworth09:12:26Dark PeakM45Since ?72
12Paul Griffiths09:12:26  Since ?72
14Simon Mills09:15:15Dark PeakMSENWe just nipped out for a 42 mile eye test! With Sally F.
15Andrew Holt09:19:25Dark PeakM45After the watershed
15James Burton09:19:25Dark PeakM40After the watershed
17Charlie Elliot09:22:49Dark PeakM45The Rise of Bogwalker
17Lewis Ashton09:22:49Dark PeakM50The Rise of Bogwalker
19Ian Challans10:00:30Dark PeakMSENBlind Date
19James Pierce10:00:30Dark PeakM45Blind Date

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