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Dark Peak Fell Runners
4h • 30/03/2020 • 14:00

Fell Junior
20h • 29/03/2020 • 22:03

Anna Westaway
23h • 29/03/2020 • 19:41

John Lindsay
1d • 29/03/2020 • 14:59

Anne Renshaw
1d • 29/03/2020 • 14:49

Llion Gerallt
1d • 29/03/2020 • 13:59

James Pierce
1d • 29/03/2020 • 13:55

Sally Twigg
1d • 29/03/2020 • 13:53

Alex Hatton
1d • 29/03/2020 • 13:26

Alex Hatton
1d • 29/03/2020 • 13:23

Gwion Iwan
1d • 29/03/2020 • 13:07

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 29/03/2020 • 13:04

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 29/03/2020 • 13:02

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 29/03/2020 • 12:53

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 29/03/2020 • 12:47

James Pierce
1d • 29/03/2020 • 11:21

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 29/03/2020 • 7:21

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 28/03/2020 • 20:44

Dark Peak Fell Runners
1d • 28/03/2020 • 18:34

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 28/03/2020 • 11:51

Dark Peak Fell Runners
2d • 28/03/2020 • 7:19

2d • 28/03/2020 • 0:15

From the Photos page


Langdale on Saturday 11th October 1997

In a high quality field it was good to see a high turnout of Dark Peak in this popular Lakeland event. The weather was good with only a bit of clag on Bowfell so no navigational problems. The heavy rain for most of the previous day had left the ground a bit damp and the rocks a touch slippery.

After a good bit of running to the start it was downhill from then on (metaphorically). Fourteen miles of slip slip sliding along, over and around some of the best hills in the Lakes. Off along a path trying its best to be a river, then up a giants staircase to Stickle Tarn. Jakes Rake would have been the fun way to Thunacarr Knott before tackling the submerged crossing to Angle Tam.

My longest fell race for many a year and the best was yet to come, that great path with contours from Esk Hause round to Ore Gap (did anyone run this section, did anyone not fall, how many wished they had gone over Esk Pike\'?) It made the boulder field to Bowfell and that little climb to the Crinkles seem a stroll and that\'s exactly what I did. At last a runnable section, had to make an effort, two Dark Peak supporters watching and a welcome drink. Now just the climb, stumble, over the last pile of boulders, Pike O\'Blisco and then the endless knee jarring descent to the pub.

Just a typical Lakeland fell race. Well done Alan for making the front page!

Roy Marlow
345 starters
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1G. Bland01:56:13   
18Alan Sealy02:21:56Dark PeakM 
32Gavin Williams02:30:40Dark PeakM 
33Dave Tait02:31:20Dark PeakMV502nd M50
44M. Wynne02:34:41   
58Bob Berzins02:38:14Dark PeakM 
88Richard Hopkinson02:44:44Dark PeakMV45 
92Darrel Bradbury02:45:57Dark PeakM 
135Dave Lockwood02:54:25Dark PeakMV50 
145David Markham02:56:32Dark PeakMV40 
152Paul Sanderson02:57:53Dark PeakM 
164Neville Boler03:01:34Dark PeakMV45 
170P. Young03:03:38   
191Robert Marsden03:07:01Dark PeakMV50 
192Maurice Musson03:07:02Dark PeakMV45 
194Dick Pasley03:07:16Dark PeakMV50 
209R. Marlow03:09:11   
222John Gunnee03:12:07Dark PeakM 
229Hilary Musson03:13:50Dark PeakW 
233Chris Radcliffe03:14:33Dark PeakMV55 

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